Are you ready to get Dirty?  http://amzn.to/22LBIao

Dirty is Book One in Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar Series is FINALLY here!

Kylie Scott has a new series in town and this one didn’t disappoint!


The minute you start reading you are sucked into this book.

Imagine if you may finally coming home from being ‘on the road’ to discovering a bride in your bathtub.


Vaughen had no idea that the lady in her wedding gown that is soaking in her tub has just had the worst day of her life.

Right before Lydia was set to walk down the isle to her groom, she received a yet with her worst nightmare. Not only is he cheating on her but the best man gives new meaning to best man!


With her dreams falling apart she does what any normal women would do. She escape and what an escape it was. I laughed the whole time that this scene place out.

With no other choice than to break into a house she does ‘Golidlocks’ one but slipping into his tub! DRESS AND ALL


They say opposites attractions and this is no different. He is everything she fought she would never want, but everything that her heart needed.

These two gave dirty a new meaning.

The series started off good and I can’t wait for more!



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