All The Rage – T.M. Frazier


All the Rage T.M. Frazier…

By Lori Jean DeSisto Sarat

She was born Hope. But really what she was, was different. Indifferent to be precise.

By the time Hope was 10 her parents had taken her to see so many shrinkers she had enough.

She knew she was full of rage. Hope also knew she had no clue how to control it. So Hope and

her best, and only friend, Cody came up with a plan. The plan is to fake it. Fake all emotion and

hide the anger. Cody and Hope have a paper and written on it is a list of suggestions on how to

make Hope “normal” titled THE RULES FOR BEING RAGE. Hope and Cody wrote down these

suggestions for six years, all to help Hope manage her parents’ worry.

“I didn’t want to think what it would do to them if they ever found out that their one and only

After six years of trying suggestions and failing, earning the nickname Cody has given her

(Rage), Hope decides to give it one last attempt. The last suggestion for “normal” was sex on

prom night. Blacking out, Hope knows that this is not working. Abandoning all HOPE at normal,

she rides off into the night with her new mentor Smoke.

“With the wind whipping through my hair and my pink ball gown floating all around me, Hope

was officially gone. All that was left in her place… Was Rage.”

Three years goes by with Rage being loyal to no one but herself, and taking “jobs” that wreak

havoc. Rage loves her life of murder and mayhem. She gets a call from her mentor asking her

to get some information on a target. Rage takes her germaphobic, web MDing, and murderous

ass off to do Smoke’s bidding.

Rage’s new assignment is Nolan. She takes one look at his place and inwardly cringes. Its

covered in her worst nightmares; dust, dirt, and mold. In order to get close to him, she feigns

needing a place to stay. She makes a bargain with Nolan that she’ll clean, cook, clean, and clean

some more as payment for allowing her crash with him. Since Nolan has a broken leg, and a

hard on for Rage, he agrees to this arrangement. Rage starts to get close to Nolan but doesn’t

understand whats going on. Something is different, she’s warm tingly and FEELING. Since she

has always been indifferent she brushes it all off.

“That fan was what was wrong with me. And the universe. Yeah, it was most definitely the dirty

fucking fan that was wrong with everything in this world.”

Rage thinks she can just move on. But really is she done with Nolan… Not if Nolan can help it.

Nolan has sworn she is his, and he will stop at nothing to make that happen. Maybe Rage can

All the Rage made me laugh from beginning to end. I loved Rage, Nolan and their explosive

relationship. When you put two headstrong people together sparks will fly and the fire will

burn. And oh boy was it HOT.


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