Boston #review

By Alexis Alvarez


4.5 holy hotness stars

Abby is a best selling romance novelist. Parker is a stripper/photographer/model who Abby nick names Boston.  Abby emails Boston and proposes that they work together on her next book which will include photos of her Hero and Heroine in different scenes.  Abby and her friends go to the club to check out this new guy the day before they are to meet.  Boston recognizes Abby in the crowd.  He tries to bring her up on stage but she is to self conscience to dance on stage with him.  After the show the meet and he walks Abby and her girls out.

The next day working on the book commences.  Abby and Boston feel each other out what each has for ideas and work out all of the kinks, ok fine most of the kinks. Attractions builds but neither is going to take the first step. Abby is a super tease yet Boston does not take her teasing lying down, nope he on ups her.  Building on all of the angst.  They both have some issues to work out and watching them do that is fantastic, super fun, and funny. You will love this hot, no wait, steaming hot story.

ok so now that you know its steaming hot here’s where I got called an accent snob… I am from Boston born and raised.  At first I was hung up on the way Alexis had Parker and other characters speaking.  I felt that it was making fun of the Boston accent.  But thinking on it NO it absolutely wasn’t.  It seems to me it was done to show the way the characters grew and molded with the timeline.  ok so my girl was correct I completely am a accent snob however I didn’t give up and am so so glad I didn’t because this story was so much more then an accent.

The Leftovers HBO gun bang the leftovers bang bang



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