#Review #BankingHer


By Natasha Mahadeo

Banking Her

Ladies this book was freaking Amazing. Packed with many many laughs, swoon worthy moments and moments where you go “Did that really Fucking Happen”…. Thatch makes it so easy to love and adore his crazy antics. Cassie makes you Giggle like a loon at all her escapades…. Trust me when I say we get their hot sexy time and it’s better than ever. Preggers sex is working well for them….

Then we see the start our Sweet Winnie and Our Brooding But ever so Sexy Wes relationship. You just know that it’s gonna be Amazaballs….

Max Monroe are on a roll with these funny as all get – out stories.
Their Alpha men and Sassy, Smart and Intelligent Heroine’s are just the Cherry on top of the most melt you on tongue stories. They always leave us smiling from ear to ear and hot as hell….

Disclaimer: Max & Monroe and Thatch advise that you use caution when insinuating the actions of their characters into your real life. You might find yourself the new owner of a truckload of hilarious kind of fun—or a restraining order. It’s one or the other, really.

BLITZ WIDE GIVEAWAY LINK: http://goo.gl/lP4Bpq

BANKING HER SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/user/222bsusbmwvihstgjbq27kbkq/playlist/0BMHqHVvJ8TLaYLbZXMvZg


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