#Remember Love: Saints Protection & Investigations #Maryann Jordan




Author’s copy Received in Exchange of my Honest Review….

Maryann Jordan never seizes to amaze me. Her writing is never repetitive or boring. She has amazing Talent and I’m so glad she decided to share it with us all.

This story is about Blaise and Grace. Now we all have fallen in love with Blaise from the previous stories in this series. When I learned his book was next I couldn’t wait to start it.

Blaise *Sigh* finally he got his book and he was absolutely fantastic. His beautiful soul and Magnificent Heart Captured me a long time ago.
Reading his story you can’t help but make him your Number 1 Saint Hero.
His every action is to make another happy, protect another or love another. He sees  Animals and Humans the same and would do all of the above for Animals as well….
He is known for picking up stray animals and bringing them home until one night he brings home his future partner. Knowing she is a stray, lost soul is what gets his attention, but what keep him coming back for her is her love for her Dog.

Grace is a lady that will bring tears to your eyes. She is an absolute perfect match for Our Blaise.
They have the same love and interest in life. They wanna make a difference to the world. And they do that by their love of animals and fighting Crime.

Like with all Maryann’s books we get amazing Alpha Men that are so sweet, strong and supportive of their women. They would go to the ends of the earth to protect them and Blaise is no different. He is hot and so so Swoon worthy.
Grace and Him steam up your readers while they  have you blushing at their naughtiness.

As always Maryann brings to us a problem that we know exists but no matter how much we try can’t fight it or get rid of it. Yet in her Stories the dream of a better future makes you realize that maybe, just maybe it’s possible…
I hope you enjoy another 5 star read by this Amazing Author.


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