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Review By Natasha M.


Aly Martinez is an absolute Master at Gripping, Soul touching story telling.
 this woman has not let me down with any books of hers that I've read so far. 

Like always Aly has you in a trance from the first page of a book to the Damn 
Epilogue. I have never finished a book of hers where I'm not crying absolutely 
Happy Happy tears, that is the art of her work. 

As we know this book isn't like a normal story one Hero and Heroine. 
Nope this Brilliant Author wrote a capturing story about these two couples
 and how their world's collide. The story picks up from where book 1 ends. 
But this book is about Clare and Heath. 

As we knew this woman and her daughter lived with the Devil himself. 
These two only knew fear, pain, abuse and hurt. Baby Tessa thank God she 
was never beaten or was at the other end of her father's demon ways. Clare 
is an amazing woman and even better mother. She loved and protected her  
daughter, would go to any length to keep her safe. Even if it meant dying 
while protecting her little girl. If you thought you knew what she went through,
 Ladies think again. This woman didn't give even the slightest taste in the
 1st book. But Fuck Me Side ways because the things her sick Monster of a 
husband did to her and put her through is unimaginable. I hated him in book 
one and smiled when he was out the picture in the 2nd book. Karma is a Bitch. 
And when she paid back Boy did she give him payback with Interest Honey... 

The day Heath stepped into their lives Claire's and Tessa's life, even if they 
didn't know it then but their lives was gonna change. This man Rivals Roman or 
any other Aly Hero. He is alpha to core and Marshmallow with his girls. 
I loved how he cared for these two damaged souls. I was in awe of how he 
only gave love, time and understanding to His Girls. When he called Clare 
"Baby" or Tessa "Sweet Girl" my Heart Sighed with joy. 

Don't be fooled the Demon never gives up easily.... What he didn't know, if 
Clare fought to stay alive before she was more powerful having Heath at her 
side now.  She fought before but when Heath entered the picture and gave her 
hope as well as understanding it refueled the small spark of fight into an Inferno.

Every second of this book had you on ur toes. From the 1st page you just knew 
this was gonna be a bumpy but utter Delightful Rollercoaster. From dark violent 
scenes that would shatter you to electrifying Sex scenes. This book will not 
disappoint you.

I loved seeing Roman and Elisabeth. I loved watching them all get the HEA they 
Damn well deserved. 

Grab these books ladies. You in for a lot but in the end it will all be Damn 
worth it. 
Enjoy ladies....

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