#Review #WedforWednesday #SarahO’Rourke


Wed by Wednesday

So I have loved these two since the first book. I couldn't believe we were getting
their book. This book also proves that these ladies can do no wrong....

What an awesome gift Sarah O'Rourke has given us.
Jethro and Orla's is nothing short of amazing. These two have such a unique start. 
Trust me you won't see this coming. 
Don't be fooled. They may be old but they sure as hell are not cold....
In the beginning or younger days these two were hot as hell. Jethro is an 
Alpha-male that can teach many Men out there a thing or two. When they met OMFG
that was nail biting, but also funny as all get out.
Throughout this book you will be saying"  awe" or swooning. If not you will be 
fanning yourself from how hot Ro is. The Banter and dialogue here was fantastic. 
Awesome book ladies. Don't miss out. 

Review By Natasha M.

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