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Review by Natasha M.

This was the 1st time reading by this author and it definitely won’t be my last. This Author

writes amazingly.


This beautiful story starts of with utter heartbreak. Both Merrick and Keelynn know

all to well when their loved ones are taken away from the how ur world stops, how

everything seems to crash and burn. Even though they both know this lose through

different ways.


Merrick had his world ripped from him in such a horrid way. I understand

the path he takes after

all that has happened to him I would be the same.

This man has been ripped apart yet with one motion he remains alive

and motivated. Until he meets Keelynn…


Keelynn is an absolute breath of fresh air. She and Merrick have this instant connection.

Even though he is grumpy and always Brooding she is brave enough to see past all that.

She as well is no stranger from pain. Maybe that’s why their souls recognize each other.


When  they move past their pasts and try, ladies it’s pure heat and electricity. These two

are perfect for each other.  It was wondrous watching them I loved the protection

and care Merrick showered on her. I love how well and Maturely Keelynnee handled

his past when it was Reveled…


This story has just the right amount of Angst, Heat, Sexual intensity and a beautiful HEA….

I  can’t wait to read more from this Author…

Enjoy Ladies!!!!

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