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So as we know I'm on a L.Wilder Binge read. Today I started and finished Stitch's book in one sitting. 
This Series gets better and better with every book.

Stitch's story is different and absolutely beautiful. It was so nice getting to see The Enforcer and his softer side. 

Stitch comes from a very very horrid background. He has physical scars that are proof of that horrid past. 
Yet this man beats all odds, gets away from all that and makes a life for him self. He really has come along way. 

It isn't until we see him try to Protect Wyatt and his Mum Wren that you see a totally other side of him. 

Wren and her son have gone through abuse and are still fighting it. Even the Law doesn't seem to be on their side but that's until Stitch and the MC comes into the picture. 

As we know these guys don't play around when it comes to looking after family esp when its their women and kids...

That's what I love about these boys and also why you get so invested in the in these books. You live their bond. You Admire these men and you wanna know all their stories and you most Definitely want meet their Heroine's.

L. Wilder knows how to keep us turning the pages and coming back for more. The sex scenes have a touch of different in every body book.

One thing you know for sure is that you getting A strong Fantastic Alpha male hero, A Beautiful Sassy Heroine and awesome Side Characters. 

Enjoy Ladies!!!

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