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The Bachelor Auction is a fun spin on the Cinderella fairytale in the modern world with a bit of The Bachelor twist. I loved how the elements of Cinderella, including the shoes, were woven seamlessly into the story.

Jane is running her family business after the loss of both her parents. She is a kind and caring person who values family above all else and does everything that she can for her ungrateful sisters. She is talked into attending a party with her sisters, and while they make a spectacle of themselves on the dance floor, Jane catches the eye of Brock Wellington.
“How pathetic, that all it took was a well-dressed man with a gorgeous smile and a pair of shoes, to completely disarm her. And make her want things that girls like her would never get.
Those shoes were a catalyst.
Those shoes were temptation.
Those shoes were the devil.”
Brock is heir-apparent to his meddling grandfather’s business. He feels guilt for his parents deaths and his grandfather’s injury. He makes up for it by covering up for his goof-off brothers and doing everything that is expected of him. Which is how he gets roped into agreeing to be auctioned off for charity.
“He slammed his fists against the bathroom counter and glared at his reflection in the mirror. A man of thirty-five stared back at him, but he didn’t see the man. He saw the exterior, the shell, but on the inside, he knew what he felt like.
What this f*ing house made him feel like.
A lonely boy.
A terrified lonely boy whose only plan in life was to please everyone but himself.”
The story was full of humor and heart. I adored all of the characters, silly or otherwise and loved the banter. This is definitely a story to keep you smiling.
The Bachelor Auction was my first Rachel Van Dyken book. I can’t wait to discover what I’ve been missing by reading more of her works.

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