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virgin cowboy.jpg

Review by the Amazing Lori…

The Virgin Cowboy

Dolly knew what she wanted from the moment she saw Brandon when she was 16. She’s now 20 and still has her sights on Brandon. 

“I want with all of my heart to throw myself at him, but I won’t be the one doing the chasing. As much as I want him I’m the lamb, not the lion. And he damn well knows it.”

Brandon is done waiting for Dolly to age a bit. He needs to figure out if he’s good enough for her or if he should just leave her alone. 

Dolly’s back hits the bed, and I’m on her, ripping at her top. The material is no match for my need for her-or my anger at the shirt.  The sound of the material tearing is loud in the room, and it makes me even harder. “

Together they make for a sweet fun story. Both virgins at the beginning neither one will end that way. Loved this story from beginning to end with its sweet sassy and steamy. How can you go wrong … oh wait did I add sexy cowboys and cheeky cowgirls. Yup utter perfection! Auto ONE CLICK YOU WILL LOVE EVEY SECOND OF THIS ❤



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