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The Wrath of Cain

This is my first book by this Author. I’m always nervous about new Authors but I  really enjoyed this story. I see myself reading this whole series soon. This book has a Romeo Juliet feel only difference is that here they don’t die. These two kids  are so in love.  They actually get married..For me when Reading this so much of the beginning was my real life Story. So I could really relate to young love. Cain and Calla’s parents don’t want them together and Cain’s father makes sure they don’t have a married life. So on her wedding night Calla sees something that would rip any woman’s heart out. She leaves and returns after seven years. When she does Cain refuses for her leave and starts being honest. Really you know and understand why he did what he did. His method was  so  fucking wrong he could have went about it in a different way, I wish he had. There are many times you wanna slap Cain but also there are times you can’t do much but understand where he is coming from. He did a lot to save her life and he also protected her and was very much around for the time she thought he forgot about her. Cain loved and protected this woman. She didn’t need to be with him, her safety was his utmost importance. Their love and trials are really heart breaking. There is ugly truths that come out and I can’t wait to see where this all goes. Kathy Coopmans definitely knows how to write about Twists and Angst. Never adding more just to keep us guessing. The sex scenes are major Hot and the Dialogue is totally capturing. I’m very excited to read Manny’s book and the rest of the series…. Enjoy Ladies!!!!


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