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Even the Score


Beth Ehemann

So this book has been out awhile now. Life gets into the way and somehow it gets lost on my Kindle. I also have to say that every book I have read by Beth Ehemann has been so darn amazing. Her books have a way of entrapping you from page one. This book is about Andy who we met in  the Cranberry – Inn books. We know what a monster his Ex- wife is and we know exactly why he leaves her. In this book you hate her even more. She is just a pathetic excuse for a human. I hated her always for how she treated the kids and how she cared more for Material things more  than she did for her husband and Beautiful Children. Andy is such an amazing dad. He lives and breathes for his kids. He is such an inspiration for single dads. You really wish more Dads can be like him. This man moves mountains for his kids and like all single parents has guilt for leaving them home so much cos he has to work. I actually found the time and love he had for his kids swoony. The fact that he wasn’t and absent dad or out parting or  looking for a Quicky  while his kids sat home waiting for him, really that alone had him steal my heart. If that’s not enough when he meets and starts falling for Dani you heart just beams with sunshine because he never neglects the kids. He finds the perfect balance with everyone. And makes them all so happy. Dani when she is introduced you giggle cos Andy makes an ass of himself in front of her. I loved how she set him straight. She never takes Bullshit from anyone and I admire that about her. Our girl comes from a broken home, even though her mum abandoned her, her dad was always there. He really made up for both parents but she still never knew what it was like to be with family. She also learned to be strong and independent so that caused her to have this wall around her heart. Its always amazing watching the Hero break down walls to get to his Heroine but what made this even more special was watching her make Friends, watching fall her  in love with his kids and how they showed her unconditional love. You will not only swoon for how Andy treats her and protects her but you will swoon with how she loves and treats his kids. They share such a magical bond which I thought was one  of the major Highlights in this book. Now bad things happen to our girl Dani and let me say that you never really know who the culprit is until Beth wants you to know. Miss Beth has us guessing. Let me say that I really guessed wrong a few times. In between all these Angsty moments Beth still manages to show us how Fantastic these two are. I really can’t tell you how in love I am with Andy. He protects, loves and laughs in the best way possible. His family which is Dani as well are his life. I loved how there was no unnecessary Drama and these two always handle things like adults. You will smile when they hang with the kids and you will be sighing with a happy heart esp when they are with the kids, whether its as a family or their Alone moments with the kids. The side characters are so damn good and play such good and important parts. You really  get invested  in them and wanna know their future as well. They were such a great support system for Andy, his kids and Dani. Grab this Book ladies you will love it…. Enjoy!!!!!


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