#AuthorsIlove #Alphas #HotNovellas

When Fiona Davenport says there is new Book coming out I swear I do a happy Dance every time. I love their books and wish each and everytime this one will be just a little longer... See my addiction to their stories allows me to be so damn sad when these amazing Stories come to an end. They always and I mean Every single time it ends you wish there was more....Its very hard to review these potent stories by these Wondrous Author's without giving away spoilers. 

I'm just gonna say if this list ticks of what you looking for run and one click this Hot Bitchass book....

✔Capturing Suspenseful Story
✔Hot Sexy Alpha Hero
✔Strong Sassy Heroine
✔Insta Love
✔No unnecessary Drama
✔Steamy hot Sexy Time 
✔Well Written Dialogue

Looking for these things Run ,Grab it and ⏩⏩Enjoy⏪⏪32614881

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