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  • When my Girl Natasha said to me that she was writing her 1st book I really loved going on that journey with her. It was exciting and i loved watching how her mind worked. When that book came out I knew how amazing of an Author she was and I was glad the world was getting a glimpse of her brilliance. But this book  this damn amazing book shows us she is firstly definitely not a one hit wonder, and that she is not afraid to push the boundaries. She is a magnificent Author that obviously can give us Different. Whether it is Sweet Romance or Darker this girl hands down knows what she is doing.
  • From the moment you start this story, you literarily grabbed by the ur heart and Balls… This story will fucking Shred you. This journey is gut wrenching and will at times make ur stomach turn. This book is about Lilah and Bella.
  • Ladies there is no easy from the first chapter but these two grab ur heart and never let go. Fuck did I tear up many times , sob and ugly cry during this book…. The emotions you go through because these two beautiful souls go through the fires of hell. The Devil Himself had caught them and never let go until our Warrior Bella realised that there is hope outside of where the demon had her trapped. That she has the Fight and strength to get them out the depths of hell.
  • When they make it out of the monsters clutches these two crushed souls are battered and broken both physically and emotionally. I was so thrilled they had something  and someone that gave them hope to take the leap and faith,  that everything will work out fine for them. Little did they know, the leap they take would lead them down the road that will take them only to love, kindness and protection. Unconditional love is what  they find when they least expect it.
  • That’s what Jackson is to them both Jackson ,Jackson , Jackson he is Alpha and Hotness wrapped up in beautiful muscle and a gorgeous face to go with. Jackson who has his own monsters to slay takes one look at this mother and child and knows these two have been damaged in the worst kind of way, he knows that he was put here on Earth  to love, protect and shield his girls… From the moment he meets them he knows something is wrong he just never realized how utterly wronged these Two were This man and his love for Bella and Lilah had me sobbing and saying finally they getting the man they deserve and need. He fought to gain their trust, he slayed dragons, burned down the devil himself to get and keep his girls safe.
  • Every scene or chapter had me in one emotion or the other. This book will give you the biggest MotherFucking Twist I have EVER read in  book History…. The Angst and OH MY GOD MOMENTS will make you put that kindle down and look for a Cigarette. I polished a couple double Absolute with cranberry during this book…
  • Hell and Back is so amazingly true to what happens in this book. It fits the story so Perfectly…. There moments where I just sat there and  almost called Natasha and asked what the fuck were you thinking? How could you do that? Were you not loved at some point in your childhood? Where dies this kind of dark from. My Beautiful Natasha Butterfly can’t do this to me. She is not deranged or not a phyco….This was all because the twist and turns are ones you never see coming. Its amazing to know her mind went there and she could give us this.
  • This magical book just doesn’t give you main characters that you will never forget but side characters that you fall in love with as well.
  • This Magical Book is book about having faith and hope even in our darkest of times, it shows us that Good always wins over Evil. And that bad days never last forever. Its teaches us that each and everyone of us deserves their own  HEA….
  • Ladies grab this book nothing I or anyone else says will do this Fantastic, Nail biting and magical book Justice…. I can’t wait to get everyone’s reaction on this beauty. I can’t wait for URL to be wowed and in the end after all the ugly cries you will be sobbing happy tears…..
  • Enjoy Ladies!!!!

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