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I have no idea how to start this and where to start. Brynne Asher made us wait a while for this book. From the moment is saw the cover I was a gonna. I adore it, Its different especially for Asher. I was willing to beg her for an ARC and maybe willing to barter with the Devil himself for this book.

Firstly I have to let you know straight up this book is by far Brynnes best work yet. From the Prologue to the Epilogue this woman had me enchanted with this beautiful story. This book is the first in the Killer Novel Series. I’m already excited for the next one and Praying to all Gods and Demi- Gods it won’t be a long wait.

Ok now this book introduces us to Crew Vega (Hot Fucking name if you ever saw one right) and Addison. These two meet from the 1st chapter and from that dialogue and banter you just freaking know you in for an amazing ride.

Addison is hiding from wolves in sheep’s clothing so she doesn’t trust easily, trust when I say with what she has sent through, you really get to understand her troubles and difficulties. What amazed me about her and kept me interested in her was her love for life, how she cared for every living thing be it her Vines or her Workers who she treated like family and Her adorable Cows. It was so wondrous watching her with these people when she really could have treated them as workers. But you see our girl has the Purest Heart and behaving nasty never once crosses her mind. My heart broke for her because although she had a these ppl around her that love and care for her yet she is still alone. All her dreams are coming true yet the ppl that she really wants with her are gone. Though she is just only alone till our guy Vega enters the picture….

Now both these two come from backgrounds that death has touched them so close. Both of them aren’t truthful about who they really are. But Vega can see right from the start that there is something amazing about Addison. Its a pull he can’t understand cos it hasn’t happened before.

So Mr Vega meets Addy cos he bought the property next door to her, where he runs his business from, a business that will have you Gasp and be like WTF. When in actual fact it was his best and only option to get out of the life he was living. There are so many, many traits I Swooned over when it came to Vega. He is alpha and Protective but what I loved the most was his honesty. In actual fact his openness and sincerity really worn my heart over. He never tried to trick her or hide anything from her.

Great side characters esp the next couple.
The story has you nail biting.
Never know who the killer and bad guys are.
Plenty lol moments.
You never get bored.
Sex is so freaking smoking hot ,there is no way your panties won’t melt.
Every single aspect keeps ur attention….
Enjoy the Vega ****Swoon Baby Swoon****fb_img_1478018007433


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