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A while back Maryann Jordan became my automatic one click Author. I have read and loved every book of hers so when she told us that there was a new series she was writing I was absolutely ecstatic. I kept stalking her FB page to make sure I see how far along she was and maybe get a  sneak peak at the teasers. Maryann like always did not disappoint

This book is about Mitch who we met and fell in love with  from The  Alvarez Security Series. I couldn’t freaken wait when she said it was his book that makes the new series…. Mitch was an amazing guy, good Cop and and even better human. So I couldn’t wait to see him get his story.

Ladies Mitch is all we thought we loved about him and more. This man is loyal and Fair. He is protective and Kind. I love how he wants fairness and Goodness for everyone. He doesn’t see color, wealth or what you give him in return.

His heroine is just as amazing. Tori has  had a hard passed  and rekindling her friendship and the love for Mitch was so beautiful to watch. These two were always destined for each other. I love how they never played the cat and mouse game. They knew what they wanted and went for it.

Now in true Maryann Style she gave Angst, Twist and turns. No way in hell can you ever tell who the vilian is. I promise right till the very end she leaves us guessing. With Tori’s past threatening her and it swoony and hot watching Mitch protect and care for his woman.

It was also fantastic to watch as friends and family rallied around them. They where always there to help and support. Beautiful side character’s.

As always Mrs Jordan while giving us suspense and angst, she also gives us a beautiful love story with sex scenes that heat you up and make you blush like a bride.

This story as I said was a start of a new series so I’m very excited to see who is next because there are some fantastic characters and  I wanna know their story. Plenty Matches I hope to work out in the end and that they all get their HEA like Tori and Mitch did.

Another 5 ✴✴✴✴✴ read by Maryann Jordan…
Enjoy ladies!!!!fb_img_1478260272678


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