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Oh Dear God where do I start. When going into a Julia Goda book you know at some point she is gonna rip your heart, but damn this woman went BOOM from the first chapter. Ladies that love Julia’s work and thought she could write well Fuck me is she about to turn your world upside down. This woman has Mad Fucking Skills. When an Author grips you from the Dedication you know you are in for a ride…

From chapter 1 your heart Breaks for Rainey. Infact your heart breaks right through this book for what she and her mum goes through. The heart break of being Shunned by a man that was suppose to love them through thick and thin. Till death took him away yet the same man Denounced them.

Rainey and her mum worked both to get past what was done to them emotionally and also to learn to stand on their feet without the shelter of a man. There where many many struggles and that just hurts our soul knowing these are things they have to go through.

Though I have to say God never closes one door without having another more beautiful and wondrous door open. This man was so amazing so kind and gentle and so damn patient. He was the father she craved for and the man her mum needed. I really Wish I could get to Experience Ben’s and her mum’s story that’s how much I loved those two.

Now Rainey Fought but My Persistent and stubborn Logan knew a Good thing when he saw it. This man My god does he blow your mind away. He is so much like Ben. Patient with Rainey, Protective and so damn loving and caring. I was in Awe watching these two drop walls and find love. I was in awe of his stubbornness  to win her over. He knew that she was Gold and was willing to slay all her dragons to get safe onto the other side with him.

I loved how Logan was willing to lay down everything in his world for her. I loved how he was always standing between Rainey and anyone willing to cause her harm.

He was Such a Beautiful Alpha really no words of Description would do him Justice.

Now ladies let me just Say the twist had me fucking biting my nails. I didn’t know how Rainey was gonna handle this and how Logan would handle Rainey and the Situation they were being dealt.

I was ecstatic and proud at how these two handle everything life threw at them.

They were mature adults never giving into unnecessary Drama or playing cat and mouse games.

Another thing I love about Julia’s books are fantastic Sex scenes. I have never skipped or skimmed through any of these. It was hot and had my full attention.

It gave this book the easy balance and is was needed not just thrown in there.

I wish, so so wish I could give this book more Stars than 5. Its absolutely enchanting and enthralling. Loved this book really stays with for days… I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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