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Its been a very long long time since I read a Raine Miller Book. This woman writes such amazing stories. Beautiful, Filled with Soul and emotion…

This book is about so many things. Mainly Opposites and their attraction to each other. Caleb our Hero is Filthy Rich. He comes from old money but yet he worked harder to prove and make his own name

Caleb lost his father which had a great impact on him because he loved his father dearly. His mom was a real cow and wanted things only for name sake. She is so aloof and cold. I really can’t stand her. If this is book one I’m pretty sure the other Blackstone Siblings will be getting a book so I like to see if she changes or continues being so heartless.

Ok back to our main characters. Caleb knew he had enough of these emotionaless Fucks. He had everything he just needed to find love and he does when by an of chance he meets Brook….

Brooke has had so many things happen to her bad, sad things at such a young age. None of it in her control. From loosing her parents to her horrid years when she was barely an adult.
So when she met Caleb she didn’t give him much thought just that he was handsome. But our Caleb is not stupid he became a Billionaire with hard work and perseverance…. He wasn’t afraid to bid his time, work hard and wait. Wait for the person he knew that was his body and soul. He knows this spark between them can grow into something magical and spectacular.

So they both go about with getting to each other and during this enthralling time there are moments horrid, cruel moments are shared. And you be so happy and proud these two don’t let ppl or past interfere with what they trying to build. Fate had brought these two together eventually no matter what they would have met and they would have a future

There were some twists but not bad or not very Angsty. All in all it was an easy read about two ppl trying have a future and until they meet they don’t think that future is possible. This story was a sensational love story that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful love story with outstanding dialogue and banter. The side characters are all intriguing and I can’t wait to see more of them in the books to come.

Enjoy Ladies!!!!filthy-rich


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