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Brody Is Back! Brody Is Back! Brody is Back! Ladies for a while Beth Ehemann said she had a surprise for us and then bang this Stunning Cover was revealed and I was Like No Way, Really, and then Happy Dances Commenced.

The best part about this book was that it wasn’t just about Brody and his Girls. Who by the way He is still, Hot and Fan-Fucking-tastic. He is such an amazing Dad and Husband. The way he Cherishes his girls leaves you swooning.

This book had bits and pieces of everyone we have come to love and adore. The kids are so darn cute. The naughty yet so adorable antics these kids get up to has you going “Awwww that is to cute or they are so fucking witty and intelligent ”

This book is Fun and ofcos it would be with Viper and Brody….Viper shocks us in the most Hilarious ways then shocks us with his sensitive and thoughtful side.

I hate seeing this Series come to an end and at the same time it was the Sweetest Goodbye. Perfect Gift from Beth to us all.

Grab this book and read a story of Hope, Faith and Positive thinking!!!!!fb_img_1479833596525


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