#FionaDavenport #AuthorsWeLove #CandySweet #Novella #HEA #HotOttAlpha

As Always Fiona Davenport has once again given us a Sugary Sweet Treat. Then again their Novella’s are always I little piece of heaven.

I say this always but can’t help it really, these ladies give is different stories every Single time. If that doesn’t show you or tell you how brilliant their minds are then nothing will.

Ok now this Hot but Heart warming beautiful book is about Feisty Zoe. Zoe works Landon, Landon was instantly in love with our girl but for obvious reasons she refused to date her boss. So she stayed far away until faith intervened, that left Zoe with no options but follow him cos he was the only one that could help her. Now she has been just as attracted to him so when they are thrown together she doesn’t stand a chance of him having his way.

Landon is Alpha and Hot. He loves his Girl and his Family a lot. Yet at the same time wouldn’t think twice about laying his head on a platter if it made Zoe happy. Even though Zoe was No Push Over she still knew who was Boss.

Loved this book. Its perfect to feed the reading obsession she you don’t have much time. Trust me you won’t be sorry.


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