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Ummmmmm…… Where do I start? I’m so incredibly sad we have to say Goodbye to the Series of the Year…. This series took us by storm. Wowed us and entertained us thoroughly. Max Monroe bloody hell really knocked us on our arses. The Billionaire Series was gifted to me by a Sister from another Mister, boy when I started this book I was overjoyed. As time went on I wanted to Kiss Sue Dayoub for knowing me so well because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have met these Fucking Fantastic Characters.

Max Monroe went over and beyond in every book and Novella. They never once allowed us to be bored or roll our eyes at stupid one liners. Never once did I say fuckity that joke didn’t make any sense. Every single Joke or silly thing said and done was timed out Brilliantly. This alone should show you their Author’s Sheer Brilliance.

Now this book is saying goodbye. But Fuck me Side Ways. What a way to say Goodbye. Best goodbye ever. This Novella Packed a Punch.
1. Hot Alpha Men
2. Sassy Strong Heroine’s
3. Hot and Fucking Sexy…. fan urself HOTTTTT
4. Awesome Dialogue, Great Banter all round and Plenty LMFAO scenes.

All three couples got the most beautiful HEA a girl could ask for. Their bonds of love and friendship is Awe Inspiring. Their understanding and givingness to a sisterhood was empowering to watch. These ladies knew the kind of men they had and they loved their Guys for who they were and not what they had Financially.

These Men knew as well what they have in the palm of their hands. They treated them with the utmost care and love. Wes My Man being my favorite because of the way he loved and treasured Lexi. I had tears in my eyes whenever I read about him and Lexi. Watching them becoming a family was undoubtedly a highlight. This for me was utterly Magical and sometimes Stole my breath away.

Grab this book ladies you will not be sorry. Its the perfect ending. And yes its sad cos we don’t get them anymore but Hey that’s why we can Damn Reread whenever we miss them. That alone should sweeten this Goodbye. Ladies you will be Smiling Ear to Ear seeing them all get their each Fairytale HEA….

Enjoy Ladies and remember its never Goodbye its always till I see you again😉😉😉

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