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So I know I’m really doing this arse backwards thing with this reading order but to my Defence at least I’m getting somewhere. See sometime this year my eye caught a Glimpse of a Nina Levine’s Teaser. And I started checking her out. Now for some reason Amazon makes Prices Higher in South Africa so I couldn’t get her books. So I stalked her pages and as books went on sale or Free I grabbed them…. Which makes why it’s taken me so long to start this series. I now have a very Mixed Set of different series but Hey it’s a start. And I really don’t mind waiting cos Nina’s books are so damn worth the wait.

Anyway this should be where we start when we start the MC Series. Storm is the first book in Storm MC Series and I just know after reading this book I for starters wanna Kick myself for waiting but I also know what an amazing series this is gonna be.

This story is about Jason and Maddison. It’s their second chance at their love story. You see these two have been each others First loves. Due to some horrid ugly things happening. And I do mean really Ugly things they separate for two years. Without seeing each other. That’s until Maddi needs to come home. I hated after all that she went through and trust me ur heart will break for her, she has to get called back this way. It’s dangerous and dangerous ppl are after the club, her more Specifically. So J is sent to protect her and hopefully change her mind and bring her home.

J is a down right Punk Arse and you find urself wanting to fucking Bitch slap him many many times. He is a total arse and really not very understanding when he first sees Maddi after all these years.

Now Maddi is just as much a Bitch to him but she has every right to be. So watching these two fight and argue was really Funny at times and there are times you just want them to be honest about what happened so they can move on.

Once the truths are out some of it that has nothing to even do with their relationship, it does still bring alot of things into perspective. It’s ugly skeletons as well and I can’t wait to see more about it. Now we also talking about an MC book so we know some not so nice things happen and it happens for reasons I also respect. But also like many MCs they need to learn how to treat their Woman and I was so so Glad when J and Maddi came to a mutual understanding that suited them and not the Club rules. I love how J really wanted Maddi and was willing to do whatever it took protect her and win her back even though at first she fought him Tooth and Nail. Honest to To Your soul Love Always wins I’m glad theirs did as well….

Now like all Nina’s books we have Hot Alpha males that love hard and know how to Rock their Woman’s world. Well let me just say Nina never writes Heroines that are door mats and I really Look forward to her books because of that. They are also just a dirty talking and hot as the Hero’s.

I have come to like many many side characters in this book so I can’t wait to see them all fall. And I’m positive Nina makes her Alpha dudes Fall hard.

Grab this book ladies it’s the best Free Gift you can give urself. Don’t be like me and waste it cos I know you will wanna Kick urself later…. I really can’t wait to start the next book.
Enjoy Ladies!!!!!IMG_20161206_231509.png


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