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So as you all know I’m in love with Nina Levine’s writing style. I love her Sassy Heroines that are strong and Vibrant. Her Alpha Hero’s that bend for their Woman but at the same they know how to show who is boss.

This book is about Scott and I was dying to start his book and he didn’t disappoint. This man definitely is a Hot Head. But Ride me Side ways Hot Headed in the Utmost Sexiest way Ever. He is kind hearted and absolutely a man that when he wrongs his Lady he can Straight out apologise. I freaking loved that he had that side to him and wasn’t ashamed in showing his soft side esp to the ladies he loves and respects…. This Man really puts many of his Club Brothers and even His Father to shame when it comes to how to treat woman esp Their Old Ladies.

Harlow is just as kind hearted and Loving to others as Scott is. She never once just bows down to him and that is what sets her apart from all the other women that has Slept with Scott. She made him work for it and always set him straight. Hell No was she any kinda woman and she stood her ground, fought and got what she wanted. She really was not the type that rides on the Tip of ur Tit because of how Annoying she could be. This was a strong independent woman that didn’t need a man to take care of her but Never the less she had his Attention and definitely his Protection…. When Scott met Harlow and started getting to know her it was astounding watching this Hard Arse Biker Fall. And Fall Hard He did.

When someone got to her and almost hurt I loved the way Vengeance was Deemed and Met with. This book has Enthralling Angst that makes you wanna turn the page faster yet at the same time you dont wanna miss a word from a Dialogue and or their Banter, Sexy as Sin Banter at Times….

This book has every single thing I love in an MC book therefore I Devoured it in One Sitting. This book is hot as hell and will guaranteed Flame up ur Kindle.

I can’t wait to see where this takes us and things move Forward.

Enjoy this Book that has great Banter and Dialogue. With very very interesting Side Characters that already has my attention but now even more excited to see who gets their own Stories.

Devour Ladies!!!!!!!!received_1954980261396095.jpeg

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