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This Beautiful, at times Soul Crushing Book had my feelings on a Yo-yo scale. Nina Levine is a freaken Master and nothing I say will ever give her the credit she deserves…. When an Author makes you wanna read her books one after the other without you getting bored, without you saying I need a break from this series or her writing is keeping you awake till 3am, you know How obsessed you are with this Series. For her to make someone like Nash who I really didn’t like but she weaved her magic and made me fall in love with him that for me is pure Fucking Talent.

As you know this book is about Nash and Velvet and I want to tell you much about their story cos I feel it’s something you need to experience on your own. Just know that you will not be able to put this book down. You won’t want to even blink.

There are times I wanted to throw my Kindle. I wanted to Divorce My Beloved Nina. Nash really made so crazy mad at times but Boy-oh-Boy did he make up for it.
He has been ripped apart for years and Velvet was there to finally Remedy and Revive him. Only thing was he didnt know he was doing the same for Velvet…. My heart really shattered and broke for these two and all they have been through. It also shows us never to judge a book by it’s cover.

I love getting to see our previous couples and Fuck I. Can. Not. Wait for Marcus to get what’s coming to him. Fuck the twist when it comes to the MC was something I didn’t see coming and I really wanna see where this goes.

Grab this book ladies and be ready to Shocked, Wowed and also Broken hearted. Don’t stress Nina will put all back together.

Enjoy the Ride!!!!!received_1955905124636942


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