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Fucking Fuck Fuck I have no idea where to start. Especially when this Book was so Brilliant. Nina Has this way of always leaving me Speechless and I have no idea how but that woman never seizes to amaze me.

Ladies I don’t even need to tell you much about Nina’s MC boys, but just incase you have been under a Rock like me. Well until recently that is. I have Binged read Almost all Nina’s books because I’m that much Addicted to her Series and Stories. They are Fucking Of The Charts sexy and Hot.

Ok back to how hot and amaze balls this book was…. Now really I love all the Hero’s that have been written by Nina but I really forgot Devil for a Hot Second.

Mistake Big Mistake. Devil is not a man you should forget. He is not a man you CAN forget. So yeah most definitely I Smacked myself Upside the head.

Devil is abit Different from the others we have met. Don’t get me wrong he is Alpha and he is fucking Hot but he has this absolutely sweeter, softer side. He is definitely your no Bullshit kinda guy but also he is so damn patient and understanding. This man like all the other Hero’s don’t have the Brightest Pasts yet they make such amazing men out of themselves…. Devil also has found Family with Storm Sydney MC. Their his brothers for life and he will die for them and anyone else that he cares for. This man has this side of him that bubbles and we see sparks occasionally just below the surface and when those sparks become a full blown fire, He either burns hot for his woman or he Burns every thing in path that’s threatening the ppl he loves.

Now our girl Hailee, she is Something else all together. Also coming from damaged background and making her life into something so Beautiful. Not letting anyone stand in her way. She is so Kind and giving. It’s something that comes from Deep within her soul. When she loves she loves hard and it’s forever Kinda love. She and Devil are another Perfect match created by Nina. They are opposite yet at the same time so similar and yeah at times the Ying to His Yang. That’s something I absolutely adored about these two. I also loved that there was no Childish Games or Cat and mouse. They knew what they wanted and as soon as eyes made contact they went about getting what the wanted….

This book definitely has some amazing Action scenes that have you at the edge of your seat, it has Fucking Hot Steamy Sex Scenes also, Some Scenes that will have you Choking up and some you will be Gigglingly like a little School Girl….

This story has some pretty Nail Biting Angst and also some Scenes that just make you wanna Hug and Kiss Devil. He is such an Awesome Guy. Really I think he is a close 2nd to King….

Now like I say all these books are like Foreplay to get to the Big O Which is King’s Book but I wanna also say that without Foreplay and Great Foreplay There can’t be That Fan-Fucking-Tastic Big O. So we needed Devil’s book to be filled with Awesomeness and Nina DELIVERED ppl.
Many surprises are brought to light here and that coming esp from King and Hyde. By God I CANNOT wait for their books… Trust me King is so amazing but you have to read and know about him which we get in Snippets fro. Storm MC to this series.. you will wanna see for yourself the truth behind The King Craze.

There so many shocking revelations that I’m almost pulling my hair out thinking of the wait…..

Be Ready & Prepared to be Glued to this Book. You won’t wanna put it down. So maybe take a Day Off or maybe Fib you need bed rest. This book is so worth it.
Enjoy Your Ride with the Devil. It’s gonna Blow ur Mind!!!!!


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