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Nina really knows how to keep her readers happy because really there is no way you can’t be so thrilled to read this book. Take my advice it is not at all filled with bullshit and drama. This woman keeps us enthralled by her writing. By twists and turns but these things answer alot of questions as well.

Command is Scott’s and Harlow’s second book. Now I’m gonna give you a short Review because I wanna be so carful I don’t spill any beans.

We have seen in the past couple of books how these two have been struggling with change and stress. Things happen and at first Harlow doesn’t handle it well and really been there myself so I totally understand but our girl learns fast how she has the most amazing man ever. He loves her and treasures her. He would Sell his soul to make her happy so our girl fights the darkness and with Scott’s help she beats it.

Now ladies if you thought you couldn’t fall for him anymore, I’m telling you think again. This man is such human being, just an all round amazing good man. Loving, Caring Brother to his sister and His MC brothers. He is good to his mum and any woman in his life. Really if you have a man like this on your life you are as lucky as Harlow. Men like this are an absolute Rare breed.

This man fights for his woman and works hard to do good by his club. I admire the hell out of him. His strength and courage. His love and understanding towards Harlow is something that would just melt your heart.

See first hand as these two beautiful souls travel through the journey called Life. Watch them jump over hurdles and protect each other from danger. But most of all you get to see unconditional love and acceptance from each other. And absolutely beautifully written and will have you all mushy and Goofy Smiling in the end…

Enjoy Ladies!!!!received_1955906851303436


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