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Anybody that knows me, knows what a huge fan I am of Aurora Rose Reynolds. This woman writes and feeds my addiction when it comes to alpha men , insta love and amazing story lines. I would read her work if she wrote it on Paper Towels.

When we got Glimpses of what she was gonna give us with Until Ashlyn I was sold on Dillon. This man has owned my heart and I was willing to sell my Soul to read him ASAP.

So this book is about Ashlyn and Dillon. Ashlyn being Cash’s and Lilly’s daughter. I adored how family is always such a big factor in all Reynolds books. We get to see the parents that we already know and love. We also get to see the rest of the family and all their hotness….

I have to mention that I loved how Ashlyn met Dillon. I Giggled like a little Gigglet it was so darn cute and funny.

Little did we know our boy was naughty and kinda put a plan in work. And boy did that plan pay of.

These two take a business trip and Boom things happen and Fuck Me Side ways I was so over Joyed. Dillon has adored this woman and because he couldn’t act on it he acted like an arse but trust me watching these two get over that will really have you smiling from ear to ear and LOL.

I don’t wanna tell you to much about the story. I do want you to know that this book is Classic Aurora Rose Reynolds. This book has an absolutely Beautifully Souled Heroin and An Amazing OTT Alpha male hero that I fucking loved. There has not been a couple with this kinda love and emotion in a long time.

Dillon would fucking cut his balls of to protect Ashlyn. This man’s love packed with power and protection. He treats her like a porcelain Doll and Fuck me just by talking to her, being honest or sharing his feelings also turning up his charm that alone will melt you panties and hearts… Gaurenteed this man will have you eating out of his palm….

Make no mistake Ashlyn may fight this but when she gives in she does whole heartedly. She loves him with the same Passion and Vigour.

These two face some bumps but also show us that True, Honest love can weather any storm. Their love is so damn inspirational. Their story reminds me why I love the saying. “I still Read Fairytales they just a little Naughty now”

Grab this book ladies. Be prepared to be Wowed. Have a spare change of panties and a huge glass of wine trust me you will need it….. This story is a Magical Hot as Hell Love Story that will leave your heart sighing Happily….

Enjoy but Remember #DillonIsMine.
He definitely will cause Your Heart to Go BOOM…..ashlyn2


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