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K. Langston knows how to keep us on our toes. This woman is really talented and can give us all the feels and frills in a beautiful story.
*****Don’t Read This Review if you haven’t read The Officers Promise*****

So we met Reid when we read Rykers book. We know how close these brothers are and each of them are going through their own shit. We also Know who Cassidy is and why she is here.

Cassidy and Reid have a history that is Painful and Reid was her only Solace during such a horrid time in her life. He was also at many times her saving Grace. They do have a period of separation which we don’t really see but we get the Jist of that. That’s until the past comes knocking on the door which causes Cassy to run like a thief in the night. And when danger threatens only one man can help, only he would be able to protect her.

Reid and Cassi have always had this spark of Hot Hot attraction between them but never acted on it. Even after all these years they still feel the same for each other. Watching Reid battle these feelings and also work through their past and what they shared painful as it was it definitely was really Amazing to watch.

When his walls crack. Cassi knows she found an in and goes about setting up residence in his heart. Silly woman had no idea this man rather cut of his own arm than hurt her.

This story was gripping and Hot as all Hell. It’s kept hooked from page one. And even after the Epilogue we got the best treat ever.

Grab This book it’s gonna have you on the edge of your seat with all the twists and turns. Yet gives you all you love about a love story.

Enjoy Ladies!!!IMG_20161229_190307.png


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