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► Genre: Romantic Suspense

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►►► SYNOPSIS ◄◄◄

Mellie Jamison is afraid of the world after her security and innocence were stolen as a teen. Now in her early twenties, she’s content with her secluded lifestyle and her cat… at least, that’s what she tells herself. When a grandfather she never met leaves her an abandoned house, she has no choice but to set out on a journey she never wanted to take.

Smith Porter was living his dream until he was forced to give up his job as a police officer and return home to take over the family business. He’s now alone in the world, merely surviving on memories and emotionless attachments. So when his old partner calls in a favor, Smith agrees to flip the neglected house and keep an eye on Jay’s baby sister.

He’s a master at restoration and rebuilding, but Smith never expected that tearing the walls down around Mellie’s heart to be his most difficult project yet. And when her life is threatened, keeping her safe is the most important job he’ll ever have.


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Anna began writing when she thought the world would want to hear her sick lyrics through song. Since then, she’s realized her childhood dream wasn’t so far-fetched, just misguided.Now she writes romance with real emotions and happy endings. If Anna isn’t writing or reading, she can be found by a space heater drinking a ridiculous amount of Diet Dr Pepper. She also likes to hang out with her husband and two boys. If it wasn’t for them, she wouldn’t ever leave the house. Anna was born in Wisconsin but now lives in the Evergreen State.


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This sweet novella warmed my heart. Pen pals with soldiers brings me back to my childhood and some warm memories of writing with a soldier who wrote to me and included his drawings. These letters were so great that I can remember them 18 years later. It really impacts you to know there’s someone thinking of you.

I have met many of friends through books. I have never met them face to face yet these women are some of my best friends ever. So to fall in love with someone you have never met face to face is so realistic.

Reading this story was pure sweetness. It’s wonderfully written and brings you so much.IMG_0745.PNG

#ExcerptReveal #ComingSoon Lost In Between (Finding Me Series #1) by KL Kreig


Lost in Between by KL Kreig is coming February 20th!
Keep reading for an excerpt!
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We all have one.

A price.

That magic number that will get us to agree to do anything, be anything.

Don’t sit on your gold-plated high horse and say you don’t because you do. Everyone does. Each of us has something we covet enough that we’d sell ourselves to have it.

What’s my tipping point, you ask? Apparently a cool quarter mil will do the trick.

What does one do for 250 large, you wonder? Anything the infamous, gorgeous playboy of Seattle wants. For the next four months I’ll be Shaw Mercer’s arm candy, his beck and call girl, his faux girlfriend. I’ll be his to command, mold, push and pull in any direction he sees fit.

I’ll fight falling into bed with him. I’ll fight falling in love with him even harder. I’ll fail at both. And when my past and present collide in the most unexpected of ways, I’ll learn that while one man’s love for me has never died, the only man’s love I really want will never be mine.




As long as Noah and I have known one another and as close as we are, he’s far from an open book. He holds some of life’s secrets so close to the vest, he’ll likely take them to his grave. So how he knows Ms. Randi Deveraux of La Dolce Vita is still a mystery he won’t divulge.

When he told me his plan and showed me the picture of the woman who’d play my love interest for the next several months, I was immediately drawn to the her, but it took me a few seconds to realize why.

It was her.

My spicy little Goldilocks.

The one I haven’t heard from.

The one I haven’t been able to get out of my fucking head for the past eight days.

The one my cock involuntarily gets hard for in the dark of night.

The glossy-colored print I stared at for long minutes was a complete contradiction to the fiery woman I’d met.

On paper her exterior was flawless. Not one sculpted eyebrow out of place. Striking blue eyes rimmed with the right amount of shadow, liner, and mascara that made them alluring but not slutty. Pouty lips painted a deep shade of maroon, lined impeccably so the stain didn’t seep, then glossed enough in the middle to draw your attention to their fullness. Hair curled into loose ribbons that fell over her shoulders and down her slim back.

But while the outside was practiced perfection, the inside screamed dead. Not damaged, not broken or bruised, but lifeless. This beautiful creature went through the motions. She moved through life without living. I don’t know how I saw it, or why, but I know it wasn’t a product of my overactive imagination. This woman’s pain was rooted deep but she put on an award-winning façade that told the outside world otherwise.

I saw the same thing when I stared into her fierce eyes under the cover of my sunglasses days ago, but I also saw something else. Smoking embers buried under piles of ash. God help me, but for some reason I want to be the man who stokes those smoldering cinders until they spark into a burning inferno, bringing her roaring back to life.

Standing before her now, I’ve no doubt I’m the igniter, the single match needed to wake her from the living dead.

“Summer, is it?” I close the door behind me and move to the couch, gesturing for her to sit.

She doesn’t. She just blinks rapidly like she’s seeing a ghost. That makes me smile for some reason.

I know the name she’s using is fake. I hate it. Not the name, per se, but the fact that I don’t know her real one. I told Ms. Deveraux my circumstances and my concern around using a fake name. The press will eventually find out and it’s best if we’re up front in the beginning rather than if they dig, thinking we’re hiding something. That would be disastrous. She agreed but told me the decision was up to Summer. If she agreed to my terms, I could plead my case. If not, then her anonymity was still protected.

“You don’t look like a Summer,” I say casually as I take a seat and cross my legs.

Although in a way she does. She’s hot and sultry and I’ve no doubt she’s nice and moist in the place I’m dying to drive my cock. Jesus, she is absolutely mouthwatering. And she has the sexiest fucking voice I have ever heard. It’s no wonder I can’t stop thinking about her.

She crosses her arms and cocks a hip in irritation. “Is that so? What do I look like then?”


Why that disturbing word pops into my head, I haven’t a clue. She is yours temporarily, though. If she agrees.

“How is your neck by the way?”

That seems to catch her off guard because her cocky bravado falters. “Uh…fine. It’s fine.” She unconsciously reaches up to palm it. My fingers itch, wishing they were on her skin instead. I still remember the electricity that ran down my arm when I touched her before. It set my cock on fire and it hasn’t stopped burning since. “You’re lucky, you know. I could be wearing a neck brace right now and be lawyered up.”

“And you’d still be just as beautiful.” I ignore the lawyer comment. I know it’s just a dig. When she blushes and looks away, my grin gets wider and I allow myself a few seconds to absorb her, head to toe. I find myself zeroing in on that tiny diamond stud in her nose, now catching the light. I first noticed it when she pounded on the window of my Rover calling me names. I generally find them childish, yet on her, I find myself incredibly turned on by it.

“Why don’t you take a seat?” On my lap would be preferable.

Defiant eyes snap back to mine. “Hit and run anyone else lately?”

“Hit and run?” I chuckle. “I didn’t hit and run you. I took accountability.”

“Yeah. After I dumped car parts into your lap, it was pretty hard to deny it any longer.”

Hell. This woman is full of restrained passion. She just needs someone to help her unleash it in a very controlled manner.

“Why haven’t you called about your car? Change your mind on whose fault it was?” I’m goading her, but Hot. Damn. The sparks firing from her are overly addictive.

“Oh, it was your fault, all right,” she snaps. “And I’ve been…busy.”

“Yes, I can imagine you have a very full schedule.” I sound more sarcastic than I intend, but the thought of her with other men makes me feel exactly the way I felt when I thought of Noah with her.

Her lips thin. She’s madder than a hornet. I’m harder than a two by four.

“Why are you here, Drive By?”

Drive By? I laugh at her feisty spirit. God, I want to kiss her. Feel her tongue sparring eagerly with mine. See if she tastes of rage and raw energy.

“I was under the impression you were agreeable to meeting with me.”

When Noah set this up, I insisted on three things.

One: it take place in Ms. Deveraux’s private home with her alone. There’s no way in hell I will be caught on film coming and going from her “business.”

Two: I meet with Ms. Deveraux in advance and work through the contractual details to my satisfaction. Let’s just say I now feel comfortable we have a mutual interest in keeping this arrangement buried deep.

And three: I be allowed to personally meet with “Summer” before she signs the contract. Surprisingly, that was the toughest piece to negotiate. Seems Ms. Deveraux is very protective of her, or maybe she’s that way with all of her employees.

Everything I have done to secure her has deviated from Ms. Deveraux’s normal course of business, but this situation is far from normal. It’s reckless at worst. Precarious at best.

“How did you find me?”

Sheer, dumb luck.

“I’m very resourceful.”

Her forehead creases. “This is a mistake.”

She turns to leave and I panic. True blistering panic sears through me at the thought she’s about to walk through that door and I may never see her again. I don’t know her real name. I don’t know how to contact her and if this meeting goes south, I know I won’t get anything further about her from Randi Deveraux. If she walks out on me now, I highly doubt she’ll give me the time of day when she finally does call Dane about her car.

I don’t know why I care that I spend the next few months with her and only her so damn much. I just do.

“Wait,” I plead.

She stops but doesn’t turn. I have no idea what possesses me, but I close the distance between us until I’m a whisper away. Our body heat plays off each other, growing hotter by the second.

“You haven’t even listened to my proposal,” I say against her ear.

Her breath kicks up. Good. She’s not unaffected by me, and that will play into my hand nicely.

“You can get someone else,” she replies softly, without conviction.

Drawing her long hair off her shoulder, I let my finger feather across her bare flesh. It’s soft and silky. She shivers. I suppress a moan. Fuck, I want her so much. It makes no sense.

“I don’t want anyone else,” I tell her truthfully, keeping my voice low.

“Why?” she breathes.

I don’t know why. I have no idea what it is about her that draws me in. I wish I did. I need to stop it. I should end this right now—look at a dozen other pictures and pick a woman whose very presence doesn’t twist me into knots and make me have thoughts I’ve never had before. Thoughts that make me uncomfortable. It’s unnerving.

But, fuck me. I can’t. There is just something different about this woman and I won’t rest until I find out what it is.

“Have a seat. Just hear me out. Please,” I tack on sincerely.

She stands motionless and I wonder what her next move will be. My hands curl into fists as I restrain myself from throwing her over my shoulder and hauling her to my house. I think she could benefit greatly from a hard hand and a red ass. I have a feeling she might even enjoy it.

When she floats effortlessly to one of the velvet-covered chairs, I release a veiled breath. Picking up the contract from the edge of Ms. Deveraux’s desk, I make myself comfortable across from her and place the paperwork on the table separating us. Her eyes drop to it but she makes no move to pick it up.

“So what’s your proposal, Mr. Knowles?”

“Mr. Knowles?”

“That’s your name, right? Dane Knowles. Wildemer & Company?”

Amused, I rest my elbows on my knees and grin at her. “No. Dane is my assistant. I told you to call him and he’d take care of the damage to your death box.”

“Death box?” She sounds offended.

“Do you know what the safety rating is on that little tin can you drive?” When she opens her mouth to respond, I talk over her. “Five point seven out of ten. You’re basically driving around in your own steel coffin.”

I expect a hot retort or for her to leave in a huff. What I don’t expect is a genuine, breathtaking smile that lights up her face like summer and makes my cock knock uncomfortably on my zipper in a futile attempt to reach her. My God, she’s trying to kill me already.

“Are you a walking Kelly Blue Book of safety ratings, Mr.…?”

“I have a vast array of useless Trivial Pursuit knowledge up here,” I retort with a smirk, finger pointing to my temple. I’ll never admit that I looked it up after our little accident. She could be seriously hurt in that ridiculous miniature box on wheels that somehow passes for a fucking car. Hell, had I hit her any harder, she would be in the hospital. “And I’m Shaw. Shaw Mercer.”

“Shaw Mercer,” she repeats slowly like she’s tasting my name for the first time. Savoring every consonant and every vowel. Fuck. I sit back and cross one leg over the other to hide my rock-hard erection.

“Any relation to Preston Mercer?”

I nod, impressed that she tied me back to my father instead of referring to me as one of Seattle’s most eligible bachelors. She’s intelligent and up on politics. I like that. Immensely. If you ask three-fourths of the residents of Seattle, they wouldn’t be able to tell you how many branches of government there are, something that’s taught in middle school, let alone who the mayor of Seattle is.

“So why is the mayor’s son…here?”

Her eyes are locked on mine, waiting on an answer.

When she swallows I follow the delicate line of her neck down to the swell of her breasts that peek out from the light pink strapless flowing dress she’s wearing like a fucking Greek goddess. One flick of my finger and I could find out the color of her areolas and the size of her nipples before I draw one into my mouth for a sample. My mouth waters at the thought.

The conversation that Ms. Deveraux and I had earlier about expectations sits hard in the pit of my stomach. On one hand, I was relieved to get confirmation she doesn’t sell herself, only her “time,” but now that I’m sitting here in front of her, I won’t rest until she lets me explore every square inch of not only her perfect body, but her complex mind. I want to know her like no one else has.

When our gazes connect again I’m sure mine is full of unmistakable heat. Hers definitely is.

She clears her throat and straightens her back. “I think you have the wrong idea about what it is I do.”

“I don’t,” I state plainly.

“I don’t sleep with my clients, Mr. Mercer.”

Oh, but you will. We both know our ingredients are explosive.

“Women would pay to have sex with me, not the other way around.”

She huffs a laugh as a wry look crosses her face. “Then what is it you need if not a good fuck?”

I chuckle and when I lean forward she straightens her spine. I love that even the simplest of movements I make in her direction affect her, just like she does to me. “Is that what I’ll be missing with you? A good fuck?” I won’t be missing a damn thing. She will be mine in every conceivable way. I know it and so does she.

“Not just good. Life altering,” she banters smoothly.

Now it’s my turn to smile slowly. What I wouldn’t give to throw her up against the wall and show her just what a life-altering fuck really is. For what seems like forever we stare at each other in some sort of weird silent challenge where we’re waiting to see what move the other will make.

Shaking myself out of her spell, I pick up the papers and hand them to her.

“What’s this?”

“Your employment contract.”

“All the paperwork is handled through Randi.”

“I want a little extra insurance.”

She quickly flips through the five-page document before lifting her eyes. “Nondisclosure agreement? This is sounding very fifty shades-ish. And just so you know, if I find any mention of hard limits or safe words, that’s a deal breaker.”

I can’t help but laugh loudly.

“I’m not kidding,” she says, her voice stern.

“Trust me, Goldilocks, if I could have gotten that past your warrior she-devil, I would have.”

Her eyes narrow, but I see a little twitch at the corner of her mouth so I forge ahead, making a mental note to invest in handcuffs and a flogger. Or six.

“The duration is for approximately the next four months. Ten hours a week, maybe more, maybe less, depending on my schedule. You may be required to travel and you will be available at all times when I need you, day or night. You will attend social events, fundraisers, business dinners, and family functions. You will be photographed and it’s only fair to warn you, you will likely be hounded by the press but I’ll try to shield you as much as possible.”

She regards me quietly. I wish I could tell what’s spinning around in that pretty little head of hers. A corner of my mouth tips when she says, “Reelection is just around the corner.”

Not a question and I don’t answer, but score another point for her.

For not the first time I wonder if this little plan of Noah’s will backfire, taking us all down in a curl of hot flames. She figured out what I was doing within two minutes. Lianna would be a far safer, more believable choice. But there’s also an undeniable, powerfully charged connection between us that will be hard for people to refute.

“And what is my role, specifically?”

Deciding I don’t care if this entire thing blows up in my face because that means I won’t get what I want—which is her—I stand and step around the table, holding out my hand.

When she tentatively sets hers in mine, I help her up and wrap one arm around her waist.

Pulling her close, I relish in the hitch of her breath. Cupping her cheek, I savor the baby-fine skin under the pad of my thumb. I take a deep breath, drinking in her delicately floral scent. She’s intoxicating and my head is already spinning.

“What are you doing?” she whispers, her small hands going to my chest.

Dipping my head, I trail my nose along her jaw, stopping so my lips brush her ear. “Making sure we have chemistry.”

She mutters a curse under her breath I know I’m not meant to hear before stuttering, “Wh…why?”

Fuck, if she only knew the dirty things running through my head right now.

“Because, my wide-eyed little pretty, you’re going to play my new love interest. My girlfriend. My serious girlfriend.” I emphasize the word so she understands what she’s getting herself into. I won’t pay her to be in my bed but that doesn’t mean she won’t end up there anyway.

“I…I haven’t agreed to anything yet.” Her breathlessness is testing me and she’s only about half an inch away from finding out exactly how much.

Walking into this meeting, I had already agreed to what I thought was a generous offer with her boss, madam, keeper, whatever she’s called. But after the last fifteen minutes, I’ve decided I will pay whatever it takes to have her. To own her. I think I would give away my own soul.

Framing her face with both hands now, I lean in until my mouth is a hairsbreadth from hers. Her eyes fall to my lips. I feel her wariness, but I also feel her hunger. She parts her lips and I watch with a deep ache in my groin as her tongue darts out to moisten them in anticipation of my kiss.

I restrain from slamming my mouth to hers, taking what I want. What she wants me to take, regardless of how she’s trying to refute me.

“But you will. Everyone has a price, Summer. What’s yours?”

About the Author:

As a USA Today Bestselling author, I write stories that are deeply emotional with flawed characters, because humans ARE flawed and if we read about perfect characters living in their perfect world, first of all, snoozer, but secondly, we never experience the gratification of redemption.
Outside of writing, I’m just a regular ol’ Midwest girl who likes Game of Thrones and am obsessed with Modern Family and The Goldbergs. I run, I eat, I run, I eat. It’s a vicous cycle. I love carbs, but there’s love-hate relationship with my ass and thighs. Mostly hate. I like a good cocktail (oh hell…who am I kidding? I love any cocktail). I’m a huge creature of habit, but I’ll tell you I’m flexible. I read every single day and if I don’t get a chance…watch the hell out. My iPad and me: BFFs. I’m direct and I make no apologies for it. I swear too much. I love alternative music and in my next life I want to be a bad-ass female rocker. I hate, hate, hate spiders, telemarketers, liver, acne, winter and loose hairs that fall down my shirt (don’t ask, it’s a thing).




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/KL-Kreig/808927362462053
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/646655825434751/
Website: http://klkreig.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9845429.K_L_Kreig
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klkreig
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klkreig/

#NewRelease Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar #BeautifullyEpic #2017Favorite #MustRead


Leylah Attar’s MISTS OF THE SERENGETI is here! Check out this standalone contemporary romance/women’s fiction, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!



Once in Africa, I kissed a king…

“And just like that, in an old red barn at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, I discovered the elusive magic I had only ever glimpsed between the pages of great love stories. It fluttered around me like a newborn butterfly and settled in a corner of my heart. I held my breath, afraid to exhale for fear it would slip out, never to be found again.”

When a bomb explodes in a mall in East Africa, its aftershocks send two strangers on a collision course that neither one sees coming.

Jack Warden, a divorced coffee farmer in Tanzania, loses his only daughter. An ocean away, in the English countryside, Rodel Emerson loses her only sibling.

Two ordinary people, bound by a tragic afternoon, set out to achieve the extraordinary, as they make three stops to rescue three children across the vast plains of the Serengeti—children who are worth more dead than alive.

But even if they beat the odds, another challenge looms at the end of the line. Can they survive yet another loss—this time of a love that’s bound to slip through their fingers, like the mists that dissipate in the light of the sun?

“Sometimes you come across a rainbow story—one that spans your heart. You might not be able to grasp it or hold on to it, but you can never be sorry for the color and magic it brought.”

A blend of romance and women’s fiction, Mists of The Serengeti is inspired by true events and contains emotional triggers, including the death of a child. Not recommended for sensitive readers. Standalone, contemporary fiction.

Buy Links **

Amazon Author page ➜ http://bit.ly/leylahattar
Barnes & Noble ➜ http://bit.ly/MistsBN
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“Shit. We’re screwed.”

“Not yet. But we will be when the sun sets and the lions come out. Don’t worry,” he said, when the color drained from my face. “We’ll take turns keeping a look out. I’ll keep watch on the roof while you sleep, and then you can do the same for me. Here.” He tore off a branch from the tree, stripped the leaves, and handed it to me. “Start whittling. A long, sharp point is best.”

I held the stick, speechless, as he ducked into the car to get a knife. It took a moment before I caught on.

There are no lions prowling about here.

Sure enough, when I marched over and swung the door open, there he was, doubled over. Laughing. The sound of it was like ripples in a still pond, after a stone has been thrown into it. It radiated outward, enveloping me, until I couldn’t help but join in.

It was in that state of intoxication, that release from self-consciousness, between peals of laughter, that I realized I was totally, completely in love with Jack Warden. It hit me like a ton of bricks, that you could feel so alive, even though your heart was nowhere in your possession, and you knew that you were going to walk around without it for the rest of your life.




Author Bio and Links

Leylah Attar writes stories about love – shaken, stirred, and served with a twist. Sometimes she disappears into the black hole of the internet, but can usually be enticed out with chocolate. Leylah is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance/women’s fiction.

Author Website | Facebook | Instagram |Twitter| Goodreads | Pinterest


Author is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card.
Open internationally.
: https://gleam.io/6nfuy/leylah-attars-release-day-giveaway

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Lucca was made the underboss, being what nightmares are made of.

Chloe was scarred by her past, learning too young that nightmares are real.

He has waited long enough to claim her soul, but he must take it from the devil first.

Her soul might have been better off claimed by the devil.

The only way to save her from her past is to delve into his.

The world as she knows it will come crashing down.

I’m the fucking boogieman.

I’m just a fucking freak.


*************Buy Links **********

Amazon US: http://bit.ly/luccamademenus

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/luccamademenuk

#FragileLineSeries #Aliciakobishop #Review #KindleUnlimited #SeriesTour #NewAdult #BuyNow


Series Blurbs

The Fragile Line: Part One

Love is the one emotion they just can’t shake off.

Part One of a Three-Part Story.

Chloe McCarthy has one rule when it comes to sex: one night, no strings. But for Logan Tanner, she made an exception.

Big mistake.

When he breaks off their ongoing friends-with-benefits arrangement for someone else, reality hits her hard. She’s all alone and plummeting toward rock bottom. Until she runs into the one guy who can always make her smile. Matt Langston–mechanic by day, bouncer by night, ripped-and-tattooed-hot 24/7.

Matt would know that pink-tipped platinum-blonde hair anywhere. It’s Chloe, doing a half-naked walk of shame. He knows she’s no saint. Then again, neither is he–but he’s no douchebag either. Her slumped shoulders and tear-stained cheeks ignite his protective instincts even as his better sense warns him she’s a threat to his no-drama lifestyle.

As their friendship deepens, however, mutual desire reaches the boiling point. Chloe’s body hungers for Matt as a lover–but the last thing she wants is to ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to her with the best sex of her life…

*The Fragile Line is a spin-off to The Fine Line, told in an addicting three-part romance novella series, with each part building on the last.  Parts One, Two, and Three must be read in order.  Reading The Fine Line first is not necessary, but will provide a further introduction to the characters which may enhance the overall reading experience.

The Fragile Line: Part Two Blurb

The only way to have her heart’s desire is to risk losing it all.

Part Two of a Three-Part Story

Chloe wants more than anything to FML–follow Matt’s lead. It feels right to be with him, even with his family. But in the past, every time she’s given her trust, it has torn a chunk out of her heart.

Things are moving too fast, but she feels powerless to put on the emotional brakes. She senses Matt is holding something back. Something that could spell the end of what they have.

Matt is ready to take the next step in his life. One dream calls to him with a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. The other–Chloe–sears his soul with eyes that tell him she’s not ready to follow.

Long ago, he gave forever love a chance and got burned in the most humiliating way imaginable. This time, the only thing he can offer is one night they can both look back on. And hope that one day, the warmth of that memory will draw her back into his arms

The Fragile Line: Part Three Blurb

When the last spark of hope fizzles, love can light the way home.

Part Three of a Three-Part Story

In her heart, Chloe knows she’s done the right thing to let Matt go. Her old life of clubbing, drinking, and hookups is over, but she isn’t finished growing into the person she wants to be, much less a woman who’s worthy of Matt’s love.

She’s not exactly moving on, but she’s moving forward. Until she catches a glimpse of Matt on TV as one of the cast of the American Muscle reality show.And that’s not all. He’s holding hands with his co-star, Dalton Davis’s beautiful daughter, Ava.

When Chloe walked away from Matt, he made a decision: he’d wait for her as long as it took. Meanwhile, he doesn’t see any harm pretending to be with Ava just to appease her father–at first. But he can’t pretend, not even for the cameras. Trouble is, Chloe has only seen half the story–the half that’s a lie.

It may take a tragedy to bring her close enough to tell her–and show her–the whole truth.

Warning: This romance is appropriate for age 18+ only.


Reviews of Parts 1,2,3  by Ashley C.


Fragile Line part 1 by Alicia Kobishop

This is part 1 of a 3 part series novella that is a spinoff from Fine line. I would highly recommend that you read Fine Line to understand this story. This is the story of Chloe, who in my opinion when I started this, I was not a fan of her. I had some residual hate from Fine line, but this story changed my opinion on her.

There is a lot of her girl hiding under the pink hair, and it’s Matt that helps bring that broken and hurt girl to the surface.  Matt and Chloe start to steam up the pages, but things can change quickly as Matt finds out, when he is offered the chance of a lifetime… then he starts to question, what is more important…. We have to read Fragile Line part 2 to find out.


Fragile Line part 2 by Alicia Kobishop

This novella starts off right where the 1st one leaves us. Matt has been offered the chance of a lifetime, to work for American Muscle…. The question is what is more important to him, Chloe and this dream job.

This was a good quick read, and a good continuation of Matt and Chloe . I enjoyed this read, I loved the Christmas scene at Matt’s family and I loved the flashbacks so that we can understand how their past shaped how they are today. It will be interesting to see how their story ends in book 3.


Fragile Line Part 3 by Alicia Kobishop

This was a great ending to this novella series. For me, I had trouble with Chloe from the beginning because of the situation that was laid out in a Fine Line. There was a lot of growth for Chloe from book one to know. I loved how they finally were able to admit their emotions to each other and fix the damaged parts.

I will say this book was the perfect ending for them. I enjoyed how things were tied up and the fact that Chloe righted some of her wrongs. I will say I wish it was one book total between the three, but overall I was very happy with this series.


→ Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2k8ZlP0

→ Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/2k94lmD

→ Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2k8Vxgw

→ Amazon AU: http://amzn.to/2k979jL

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Abby’s Angels by Sarah O’Rourke

These two ladies know how to Wow us. They give us little bit of everything here in this short Story. Although I must say that it never feels rushed or not explained properly.

This book is about Abby and Whitlock, these two have been married for 11 years and we watch them as they sort out through rough patches and how like two adults that love each other they fix things.

This book will touch many ppl ESP married women. But I felt like the hot steamy scenes really balanced out their story.

Oh and I have to say that I Floved Lucy who is Abby’s sister. She totally rocks.

Enjoy Ladies!!!!

Lucy’s a Dreamer by Brynne Asher.

Brynne Asher is Amazaballs she gave me Amazing Hot A little Forbidden love story that just proves dreams Come True….

This book is about Lucy who we met in the previous book and I already just adored. She is Fabulous and Everything I wanna be. Obviously she gets an ever Hotter Guy that is Alpha and Sexy as hell… That cares about her and wants to build a future with her.

Love this book I wish we could have more😍😍😍
Enjoy ladies!!!!

Kiss me, Katie by Sarah Curtis

First book by Sarah Curtis and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every single story so unique, Sexy and Hot. Each little story so wonderfully told.

You love Katie and Ethan and their experience with the LBD.

Winnie Mae by Layla Frost

Also my First time reading by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As ladies we are all going to love this Anthology.

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Fuckity Fuck where do I start with this Review. Firstly as Promised I hope this shows you why you should read this Book. Why you should grab it with two hands. And why I wish there was more than 5 stars. Cos hands down this book is 5+ star worthy…..

I need you to know how Fantastic This book is. I need you to know that Anna Brooks grabbed my Attention from Page One and had my arse on the couch till I was done. She had me trapped. Many of you already know how Fucking Brilliant she is and if you had any doubt, no way in Hell would you Doubt Her Mad Skills….

Fixing Fate is a Story, A Beautiful Story about Healing, Surviving and the Healing Power of Love.
In this book we meet such Extraordinary Characters both Main and Side. I love when we love all the ppl we meet in a story. Where you love the Side Characters so much you want to make sure they also get their HEA because done to your bones you know they 100% deserve it.

Ok so about our Hero and Heroine. Let me just say nothing I say can properly explain how much I loved these Characters. Yes they are both broken for Heartbreakingly Valid reasons but Fuck watching them fight for Love and Happiness was Unadulterated Joy.

Mallie who has me Hooked by the first page is such a damn inspiration. She has been Broken by a fucking Monster that would make you wish you could cut his Balls of and feed it to him. This Amazing Girl has Strength to move past all the shit that has been done to her. Her Courage and Fight leaves me in Awe Of her. People don’t know easy it is to give up, to give into your fears and just stop living. So they don’t understand they Power and Inner Strength you must have to fight that, to fight it alone because you know nobody but you can do it. That’s what this Marvelous Girl does. She defeats any doubt that she couldn’t and she does it with a bang. Doing so Fate brings her to the man that owns her heart from the moment they meet.

Smith fighting his own demons. Also living half a life because of a Tragedy that almost drove him to his own distruction. He like Mallie had Ppl that loved them and tried to help but really if you don’t want help and not I. Place to let it in then it won’t happen. Until the day you decide, Right it’s time to Heal. That’s what Mallie Gives Smith and Smith makes Mallie safe from the moment he steps into her old Rackity house.

Watching Smith avoid and fight his feelings for her was at times frustrating. I wanted to slap him through my Kindle. But all that changes when Their worst fear comes to her front door. Smith would Fight God or the Devil to keep Mallie alive and safe. Her healing and Happiness is what’s most important to him….

The way this man treasures her, the way he protects her and guards her will have you swooning. Your heart will Sigh with such Happiness. These two are so so deserving of Happy and Love. They need that link to heal and move on but that’s all threatened and Smith will not have anyone or anything take Mallie away from him….

This man who is so Hot, So Alpha and strong is like Putty when it comes to Mallie. That alone is Beauty to watch….

Now Jay who is Mallie’s Brother and Smith’s Ex Partner a Friend is such an amazing side character. I really really want his story. Even a Novella would make me so happy. I really do love him and his roll in this book.

This book that has such an Enthralling story. Beautiful Dialogue, Scenes that will have you Choking on a Sob many times because these two have been through such horrid pasts. At the same time Anna balances it out cos at times I would Giggle like a silly Billy and at times I would Fan myself from just their Hot Hot Foreplay.

Grab this Book and I know you won’t be sorry.
Enjoy Ladies!!!!

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This book Proves to everyone what a Brilliant Mind Natasha Madison has. The places she goes to is spectacular. I would pay good money to sit on her shoulder and maybe get to know what goes on in her mind. I said this before and will say it again there are times I wish certain Authors could get more than 5 stars. This book, This Author Definitely deserves it.

This book is the 2nd book in the Heaven and Hell Series.
It’s Mick’s and Marissa’s Story. Ofcos we met them in Hell and Back but if you think that was Raw and Heartbreaking you in for Absolute treat. Natasha really knows how to shatter your heart and put all back together.

In POH we go on a Heartbreaking journey actually it’s really every mom’s biggest fear. We know what happens to Lori is an ugly truth to the world we live in. In every nook and cranny in ever mall or side walk there are preditors lurking and waiting for us just to turn our backs for a second to get our kids.

Watching Marissa go through all that was utter heartbreaking. As a mother I never want to experience it yet it is such a huge fear. I felt her pain cos I know it Natural for a mother to question and wonder what, how and when. We find a way to blame ourselves yet the only person at fault is these Sick Bastard’s that Prey on our Kids….

Every a clue or phone call came I was sobbing or hoping for her and Lori. God really sent an Angle though to be by her side. Mick really was sent by some higher power. He was there at the right time always. He lifted her up and showed her how much more she is worth. He showed love doesn’t have a price tag and how a real man takes care of his woman.

Mick fighting his own passed and his own demons. One She Devil as well, one that I wanted to fucking strangle.
It’s amazing how yet when the right woman came along Alpha Male in and idiot out. This man was absolutely everything we need in a man. Loving, warm, caring and so Protective. His love for his girls was so heartwarming I was bursting with smiles and other times I was wishing my Hubby would get home so he could take care of the Heat Mick and Marissa caused.
They were so happy and getting everything they deserved when Natasha through us a twist and then another OMFG did that just happen kinda Twist. My God did I wanna Punch Sandy’s face in many many times…

This book will take you on such a roller coaster ride giving you alllllll the feels and then some. I’m so excited to see what others say about this Magical and very Inspiring Book.

Enjoy Ladies

#NewRelease Plus One by M.N. Forgy writing as Missy Blake #RomCom #CurrentlyReading


Plus One Synopsis:

No feelings.

No lies of calling the next day, and no empty promises of not banging anyone’s mother.

If I could act like I’ve never met a set of twins I screwed on the same night, thinking they were the same person, then I could do this.

It was the perfect set up for a fake relationship and it was simple.

We faked our smiles, we faked our laughs; hell, we even faked our love. It wasn’t real.

But that kiss was anything but fake, and the orgasm was anything but pretend.

Somehow my plus one had become more, and now I’m standing here with my underwear around my ankles wondering what in the hell to do next.


Pre-order at 99 cents and the first 3 days after release before going to $2.99


M.N. Forgy writing as Missy Blake Bio:

Bestselling author M.N. Forgy known for her suspense gritty romances has decided to take a walk on a different side of things writing under pen name Missy

Missy Blake is the perfect outlet to express her sassy, funny, romantic side of M.N. Forgy.

So with a glass of wine in her hand, she trudges forward to deliver the perfect book boyfriend in a variety of worlds.




Buy Links:

Amazon: http://a.co/fVMArQr

B&N: http://bit.ly/2iRkcWE

iTunes: Pending


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/M-N-Forgy/625362330873655

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/m.n._forgy_author/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/M_N_FORGY

M.N. Forgy’s page: http://bit.ly/MNForgyFaceBook

Missy Blake Page: https://www.facebook.com/missy.blake.37454