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image-3 The Most Magical Ending. This book is way more than anyone could Describe in a Review…..

I seriously wish I could give this book more than 5 Stars…. I waited what seems like forever for this book. Daisy and Marcus had this love that you always knew to your bones that nobody on God’s Green Earth Could Shake.

I wanted so much to know their story and I have to tell you that this story was EPIC….
Kristen Ashley Gave us Greatness that I always knew she had. This book gives us Daisy’s and Marcus’s story right from the start…. Ladies their story will shatter you. You will be utterly broken, there were times I sobbed, moments there was a lump in my throat constantly through some chapters.

Daisy is a woman that I wish I could be maybe just even having a small part of the wo man she is will make me a better person. This woman has more Goodness and Love in her baby finger than most ppl I know….She is a person that I know down to my bones that would change the world. She is strong and Tenacious. She caring and Giving. Loving and so understanding and it’s a wonder how this messed up world didn’t cloud her vision.

But Karma always helps the good. And Karma never wanted that Beautiful light to burn out because of circumstances, therefore she set Marcus onto Daisy’s path.

Boy oh Boy did this man battle demons, slay dragons and at times fight Daisy just to get over those Steele force Walls she was barracaded herself behind. This man had fought, he was also coming from the Gutters of hell. Their lives were never easy. They worked damn hard to get where they were. That’s what makes them so Perfect for each other. That’s what makes them understand each other clearly. They never let their pasts define them and in the end it’s what brought them together. Marcus is the kind of guy you would die to have. To have his love and be treasured by him was a gift and a blessing. He was one of the most Magnificent man I have met in the Rock Chick series. This man will shake you to your core for his devotion and Protection for Daisy knows no Bounds.He would sell his soul just to make her happy…. This love story is something that is so damn Beautiful you just wish it was made into movie.

Now this damn Magically, Beautifully written Epilogue had me sobbing Happy Happy tears. It’s the best one Kristen has ever written. It was utterly perfect and it most definitely gives us the best HEA EVER…..

Grab this book ladies and be prepared to wowed❤❤❤


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