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Discover Love was a book that I wanted to get stuck into from the First Chapter. When you read a Maryann Jordan book you wait to see where she is taking you this time. What will you learn or see differently from today onwards. Not many Authors have this ability but she most definitely is one of them that can change perspectives when you read her Books.

So as we know this is Luke’s story. Now this book had worried me because I’m so not into nerdy guys but at the same I really wanted to see how Maryann would make me Fall in love with Luke. He intrigued me and I really wanted him to see there is more to the world than sitting behind Computer screen.

Well I should never doubt again because Freaken loved and adored him. He was sweet and alpha that when it came to Charlie he knew what he wanted and never shyed away from her.

Charlie is the Girl that we have come to know off from the help she lent to Luke in previous books. She is the Tech Junki that helped him anonymously.

That’s until she got into some trouble and needed his help. Charlie and her friend came across some info not ment for them to find. That ended up causing nasty things to happen and really bad ppl were after her….

The theme in this book is not something unknown we know it happens but when you read about it, it becomes so real. ESP when involves kids. Street kids. David and Penny my heart really broke for them. They nearly fell prey to people no not people but monsters that wanted to take advantage of their unfortunate circumstances.

We all know that neither the Saints or Charlie would ever allow bad things to happen to innocent ppl let alone Kids. I enjoyed watching Charlie Flurrish with all these Gentle Giants and let’s not forget what amazing Alpha’s they are. It was also so sweet watching all the guys and their wives welcome Charlie…

I enjoy Maryann’s books because we get it all angst, Love story, Sex that would steam up any Kindle and Plenty Suspence. Grab this book and Enjoy the Journey….
Happy Reading Ladies!!!!


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