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Real Good Love AMAZON.jpg

Real Good Love

“Orgasms for everyone” one of the BEST LINES EVER!! Dear I say when I grow up I want to be Banner!! Ok so what that I’m 35 😂. Seriously though Meghan March has had me in stitches reading Real Good Love.

“My lady parts, which got the most intense workout of their life last night and should be in hibernation, tingle with appreciation.”

YES YES AND MORE YES. This book was better then getting a “big box of dicks” . Ok ok on a serious note this book is 6 stars. I didn’t want it to end. These characters feel like my friends. I loved that it picked up right where Real Good Man left off no beating around the bush no waiting and waiting for an answer. Also MS. MARCH is the queen of twists!! Didn’t see that one coming no siree I didn’t. I have got to say I can’t wait for more from this world. If you haven’t already read the Dirty Billionaire series or the Dirty Girl Series I suggest you binge read those and promise you won’t regret it. Especially if you have a love for Alpha men and sassy women, Real Good Love follows this formula and truly for me the way Meghan write it it doesn’t get old!!


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