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Angie is a survivor.  Anything you could throw at her, she could overcome.

After her father left her like a pile of unwanted trash, she began fighting.  Fighting to build a life. Fighting to keep her child. Fighting to matter.

She thought she had it all figured out.

Then Bowen Race Tannenbaum walks into her life, turning it into a flurry of confusion, hope, and then ultimately despair.  He tore down, brick-by-brick, her carefully constructed world, leaving her heart in tatters and longing for more. Such as a happily ever after, something that wasn’t ever going to happen for her. Not when she couldn’t give him what he wanted.  He’d break her, and she couldn’t be put back together a second time.

Bowe wasn’t always so jaded, but when you keep drawing a losing hand, it tends to affect a man. He didn’t mean to lash out so carelessly. But he was so over being told no. He was done being lied to. He was through with being cheated on.

This time, his heart was getting what it wanted. If Angie wasn’t able to see what he was offering, what was right here in front of her, well then, he’d just have to damn well show her.

Review by Ashley C.

First Off let me say, the cover is beautiful and “Bowe” makes me drool lol. Lani Lynn has done it again with another amazing installment in the Kilgore Fire Series!

This is the Story of Bowe and Angie. We have been introduced to Bowe in the past ( when he had a thing for Masen), but now he is on the journey to fight for the woman who has consumed his thoughts.
As ususal for Lani Lynn, her books completely suck you in and are filled with the perfect amount of drama,suspsense and steamy scenes to keep you turning the pages late into the night.
Bowe has not had it easy and neither has Angie. One is jaded by life and the other is struggling to makes ends meet and stay afloat. I loved how their story progressed. I did not expect the twist that was given in the first couple of pages and loved how it played out through the rest of the book.
I give this book 5 stars and would suggest if you have not read the other books in the series that you go back and read them. It helps so much with the secondary characters. Amazing Amazing Amazing, can;t wait for the next book to come down the pipeline.

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