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This book Proves to everyone what a Brilliant Mind Natasha Madison has. The places she goes to is spectacular. I would pay good money to sit on her shoulder and maybe get to know what goes on in her mind. I said this before and will say it again there are times I wish certain Authors could get more than 5 stars. This book, This Author Definitely deserves it.

This book is the 2nd book in the Heaven and Hell Series.
It’s Mick’s and Marissa’s Story. Ofcos we met them in Hell and Back but if you think that was Raw and Heartbreaking you in for Absolute treat. Natasha really knows how to shatter your heart and put all back together.

In POH we go on a Heartbreaking journey actually it’s really every mom’s biggest fear. We know what happens to Lori is an ugly truth to the world we live in. In every nook and cranny in ever mall or side walk there are preditors lurking and waiting for us just to turn our backs for a second to get our kids.

Watching Marissa go through all that was utter heartbreaking. As a mother I never want to experience it yet it is such a huge fear. I felt her pain cos I know it Natural for a mother to question and wonder what, how and when. We find a way to blame ourselves yet the only person at fault is these Sick Bastard’s that Prey on our Kids….

Every a clue or phone call came I was sobbing or hoping for her and Lori. God really sent an Angle though to be by her side. Mick really was sent by some higher power. He was there at the right time always. He lifted her up and showed her how much more she is worth. He showed love doesn’t have a price tag and how a real man takes care of his woman.

Mick fighting his own passed and his own demons. One She Devil as well, one that I wanted to fucking strangle.
It’s amazing how yet when the right woman came along Alpha Male in and idiot out. This man was absolutely everything we need in a man. Loving, warm, caring and so Protective. His love for his girls was so heartwarming I was bursting with smiles and other times I was wishing my Hubby would get home so he could take care of the Heat Mick and Marissa caused.
They were so happy and getting everything they deserved when Natasha through us a twist and then another OMFG did that just happen kinda Twist. My God did I wanna Punch Sandy’s face in many many times…

This book will take you on such a roller coaster ride giving you alllllll the feels and then some. I’m so excited to see what others say about this Magical and very Inspiring Book.

Enjoy Ladies


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