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Fuckity Fuck where do I start with this Review. Firstly as Promised I hope this shows you why you should read this Book. Why you should grab it with two hands. And why I wish there was more than 5 stars. Cos hands down this book is 5+ star worthy…..

I need you to know how Fantastic This book is. I need you to know that Anna Brooks grabbed my Attention from Page One and had my arse on the couch till I was done. She had me trapped. Many of you already know how Fucking Brilliant she is and if you had any doubt, no way in Hell would you Doubt Her Mad Skills….

Fixing Fate is a Story, A Beautiful Story about Healing, Surviving and the Healing Power of Love.
In this book we meet such Extraordinary Characters both Main and Side. I love when we love all the ppl we meet in a story. Where you love the Side Characters so much you want to make sure they also get their HEA because done to your bones you know they 100% deserve it.

Ok so about our Hero and Heroine. Let me just say nothing I say can properly explain how much I loved these Characters. Yes they are both broken for Heartbreakingly Valid reasons but Fuck watching them fight for Love and Happiness was Unadulterated Joy.

Mallie who has me Hooked by the first page is such a damn inspiration. She has been Broken by a fucking Monster that would make you wish you could cut his Balls of and feed it to him. This Amazing Girl has Strength to move past all the shit that has been done to her. Her Courage and Fight leaves me in Awe Of her. People don’t know easy it is to give up, to give into your fears and just stop living. So they don’t understand they Power and Inner Strength you must have to fight that, to fight it alone because you know nobody but you can do it. That’s what this Marvelous Girl does. She defeats any doubt that she couldn’t and she does it with a bang. Doing so Fate brings her to the man that owns her heart from the moment they meet.

Smith fighting his own demons. Also living half a life because of a Tragedy that almost drove him to his own distruction. He like Mallie had Ppl that loved them and tried to help but really if you don’t want help and not I. Place to let it in then it won’t happen. Until the day you decide, Right it’s time to Heal. That’s what Mallie Gives Smith and Smith makes Mallie safe from the moment he steps into her old Rackity house.

Watching Smith avoid and fight his feelings for her was at times frustrating. I wanted to slap him through my Kindle. But all that changes when Their worst fear comes to her front door. Smith would Fight God or the Devil to keep Mallie alive and safe. Her healing and Happiness is what’s most important to him….

The way this man treasures her, the way he protects her and guards her will have you swooning. Your heart will Sigh with such Happiness. These two are so so deserving of Happy and Love. They need that link to heal and move on but that’s all threatened and Smith will not have anyone or anything take Mallie away from him….

This man who is so Hot, So Alpha and strong is like Putty when it comes to Mallie. That alone is Beauty to watch….

Now Jay who is Mallie’s Brother and Smith’s Ex Partner a Friend is such an amazing side character. I really really want his story. Even a Novella would make me so happy. I really do love him and his roll in this book.

This book that has such an Enthralling story. Beautiful Dialogue, Scenes that will have you Choking on a Sob many times because these two have been through such horrid pasts. At the same time Anna balances it out cos at times I would Giggle like a silly Billy and at times I would Fan myself from just their Hot Hot Foreplay.

Grab this Book and I know you won’t be sorry.
Enjoy Ladies!!!!


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