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I think it’s my 3rd book by K.Langston and this woman is definitely an automatic one click Author. She writes so beautifully. With this book she has proved she touch people’s Souls so profoundly.

This book Gosh will it damage you. It will have you sobbing. You will want to slap Dean and shake him. Ask him how can he be so selfish. What type of a man does this to his family. God knew I could see he was lost but Fuck me I still hated him and the situation he put Sylvie and Caroline in. When you have the world in your palms and you refuse to see how you are destroying it until it was to damn late, that is it own damn fault.This book Proves an Age Old Truth. You can’t help Someone when they don’t yet know they need it.

Sylvie….My heart shattered for her. I wanted to hold her and be her friend. I wanted to say you tried. I was so proud of her and how she faced her responsibility head on. She was willing to fight for Dean, for his well being and even when she knew it was lost and she had to put herself and Caroline first she still wanted to see him through his dark times…

This woman’s strength and courage awed me. She was so Brilliant and it was a shame she blamed and hurt herself for something she had no control of.
To say Dean was a selfish Bastard feels so good. But how do we Judge when we know nothing about a person’s demons. His demons were so powerful that it almost took Sylvie as well. They day he fought and didn’t do what his mind was forcing him to do, I wanted to Hug him. Gosh the Pain, the Struggle the hurt fuckity it cut deep. You feel all their emotions. What one person’s actions can do to so many lives.

Linc was an Angel in disguise. Yes he was Slyvie’s best friend. Yes she loved him so much but even a blind person knows that the Best Love Stories start with Amazing friendships. Dean definitely saw this and I don’t understand why he stood in the way of it. Why he never set Sylvie free without Hurt and Guilt. That was not love. Love always wants you to be happy not trapped. You love someone you set them free if they don’t feel the same.

Linc the Polar opposite of Dean. This man’s patience and love has the brightest light ever seen. His hope was unwavering. His knowing and understanding towards Sylvie was astounding. His love was Pure Magic. Love that was from the Depths of his soul and you feel it all. He knew. He understood that what you love set it free and if it’s meant for you it will find its way back. He knew Sylvie was his and eventually would be by his side. That unwavering faith can shake a person.

God really put Linc on this earth for Sylvie. He was what she needed every single moment in this book.

This story teaches you about healing and letting Go of things you don’t have the ability to change…Yet it is so Breathtakingly Beautiful. The words written by this Author will have you hooked from the Prologue.

Grab this book ladies and be prepared to not want to put this book down till you read the Epilogue.

Floved this book. Enjoy Ladies.


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