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Royally Matched 

Now that the Thrown is going to be his Henry needs to learn everything about being a king. Which is not going to be easy since he always excelled at being a playboy. 

“I like my sports the way I like to fuck-wild, loud, and dirty.”

Sarah is the kind of girl that like to be behind the curtains. She doesn’t like attention to be on her. She is a hard working librarian who will do just about anything to not have to do a presentation for the Northern District Library Symposium. So when opportunity knocks she answered. But only as an assistant to her sister. 

“There are meetings in books that stand out, that alter the course of the story.  Profound encounters between characters when one soul seems to say to the other, “There you are- I’ve been looking for you.””

Henry and Sarah both are running from their duties. So the only answer is to play along with a reality tv match making show of course. Thus ensues plenty of hilarity. These two are such complete opposites, them together just attracts crazy situations that allow each of them to enjoy each other’s time while the farce of a tv show keep taping. 

“Because sometimes, life is very much like a book-we don’t get to write our own ending; we have to accept the one that’s already on the page.”

This wild adventure knocked me on my ass. I had to hold my side from laughing so hard and long. I couldn’t help but get lost in this Royal fiasco.  This story gave me everything I have come to expect from Emma Chase. Get ready for your Royal debauchery to start just one click this bad boy and prepare yourself for love at page one of this book. 



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