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Nothing made me more happy then seeing Riot hit my kindle. This series seriously is like a drug, trust me the addiction is bitter sweet. If I could give Riot 6 stars I without a doubt would. Are there touchy subjects YES. If you do not like dark then no I would not recommend this book for you. But I have to warn you, you will be missing out. Missing out on flawless writing, story telling, emotional roller coaster and most of all TRUE LOVE CONCURS ALL.

Riot picks up from where Ravage leaves off. Only you are in the underground world of death, doom, and darkness. It’s Master’s kingdom and what Master wants Master gets. Including breaking everyone of their humanity. Each child has been stripped of their name and given a number. So many years have gone by pumped full of drugs they no longer remember a life outside of these walls.

“I don’t know what the world outside is like, but I know that this place of blood and pain is wrong. I feel it in my heart. I feel it with everything I am.”

Men and boys fight to the death in matches. Women are only good for two things, to service the men (especially Master) and cleaning up the messes.

“667 had told me that we-all under Master’s rule- were the same. We had to protect one another. ”

Dispute these deplorable conditions they each man and woman find a way to love and love so deep that when their love is taken away so is their soul.

“I couldn’t stand this sight. Couldn’t stand this strong male feeling so torn. I opened my mouth to speak, when his gaze glazed over and he said sadly, “First he makes you want them. He makes you need them in your heart. Then he takes them away, he takes them away so that you’ll do anything to get them back””

Master played many mind tricks on those held captive. They never knew when their worst fear would become reality.

“”I thought having a female would make me weak. I thought wanting someone, being with someone, needing her, would destroy my place here in the pit” he paused, then said, “But since I let you into my heart, since I let you into my soul, you have made me stronger. I want more than fighting and death. I want more than this pit. And I want that with you. Only you. “”

There are so many twists that I refuse to spoil. This final book in the Scarred Souls series is about more then two main characters. It’s about the ultimate fight to live no matter what life puts in your way. That if you let love in right down to your very soul, you can make even the darkest of situations become brighter.

Amazon : http://hyperurl.co/yp79mu

Nook : http://bit.ly/2c1BhJm

Kobo : http://bit.ly/2lHKnfG

iBooks : http://hyperurl.co/luc67q


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