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They caught me. Naked, shivering and dripping after a spontaneous swim in the forest. Two rugged men whose hard gazes captivated and scared me all at once.

They warned me. Told me I was on private property and I needed to obey the law…or I would be punished.

The idea of them both punishing me, pleasuring me, kept tormenting me. I couldn’t want them. I shouldn’t. But I did.

I didn’t mean to trespass again. I thought I could retreat without notice. But they’re coming for me.

To show me the pleasure in pain. To show me just how right forbidden can feel. And to love me twice as hard as I ever fantasized.

★⋰⋱☆☆⋰⋱★★⋰⋱☆☆⋰⋱★Review by Ashley C.★⋰⋱☆☆⋰⋱★★⋰⋱☆☆⋰⋱★★⋰⋱☆☆

This book is hot hot hot and boy did the twist in this book take me by surprise. The book does have ménage so if that is a no no for you I would stay away from this.

This book starts off quick, fast and hard and ends with a bang. I did not expect the twist but it fit perfectly with this book.

Gabby was well taken care of  and made me pant while reading this and needed a shower to cool down.

I knew going in this was a novella, I just wish it was a tad longer to get more from it. 4 Stars for a hot read!

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