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✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶Review By Ashley C.✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶

From the start, this book sucked me in and I could not put it down! This book starts off 10 years from when Dirty Filthy Rich Boys ends. I will say to get the full effect of this story you need to read the prequel. The “Love” Triangle between Sabrina, Weston, and Donavon will completely mess with your mind… and you will love it!

After 10 years Sabrina has grown to be a successful women with a great career, but there is something from her past that has always haunted her. After having a fun time with a blast from her past, she ends up working with Weston.


What happens once she gets to New York…. Lets just say I didn’t see it coming. As the story progressed, you either had a love hate relationship with Donovan… for me, I loved him. I loved his secrets, his mysteriousness, his questionable antics… I loved everything about him and thrived for more information about him.

The chemistry and relationship between Sabrina and Donavan was electric and fiery and made me want more and more of them.  Donavon is a dirty dirty man and I loved it! The S*X scenes were beyond HOT…. I needed a cold shower and a drink after that.

I Cannot wait for Dirty Filthy Rich Love!!!! 5 Stars for a superb read!!!


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