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I wanted to hate her. For three years, Camilla withheld the fact that my brother had a son, Liam.
Then, Tony died without ever knowing his kid, and I was going to make sure Ms. Rose paid a price for her deceit. I also wanted Liam to be raised as a Burke. Our family’s legacy was one to carry on, so the terms were straightforward.
Live in my home.
Allow me to help raise Liam.
Oh, and agree to be my submissive.
In return, I agreed not to rip Camilla’s child away from her. I also offered them both financial security and a life of luxury. It seemed generous to me. It might’ve been simple, too, had she not reminded me of the lady in red. The one who haunted my dreams at night. Camilla’s hazel eyes were a mirror image, her sweetness more than an acquaintance to my subconscious.
I was a hacker by trade, and the internet was my best friend, sharing with me every secret I wished to unearth. I believed that until an unfathomable truth revealed itself in a different way.
Some secrets are never whispered, only sensed by the heart, and all along, my soul held the truth. It hid even from me the most important secret of them all.
The Terms ends in a cliffhanger. It contains explicit language and graphic sex, including aspects of BDSM. The second novel in the duet, The Terms: Part Two, will release June 2017.
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💕(¸.•´‪ 💕 Review by Ashley C.*´¨💕)
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Going into this book, I was not sure what to expect, but can I say, I was blown away and cannot wait for part two…. June please hurry up and get here!  This book has a bit of darkness to it and captured me from the beginning. Camilla and Ellis are such a unique pair and I couldn’t wait to see how the story was going to unfold.

From the beginning you are lead to believe one thing, but as time progresses things change and boy does this play with your mind.  The Chemistry between Camilla and Ellis permeates off the book and let me tell you… get a glass of ice cold water before reading this, you will need it.


Life as Camilla has known it gets thrown out the window when Ellis comes into her and Liam’s life. With the threat of losing your child, you will do whatever it takes to stay with him and that is what Camilla does. Not only does her views change of Ellis as she lives with him, they also start to steam up the sheets. This book does have some BDSM to it so if that is not your cup of tea you have been warned.

If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. I cannot wait for part two to see the conclusion on this twisty story!



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