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Quinn Parker was raised to be a pawn in a weak man’s quest for power and money. Her childhood completely void of innocence, she doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved or to bask in a life of freedom. When she is taken away from the clutches of her father by a Bratva badman who claims to care for her, all she sees is another life she didn’t choose.

Ziven Dorosh is far from weak. His past riddled with death and abandonment, he has spent his life fighting for what he wants. Now the highest ranking Bratva member in a new territory, he has the power to attain anything he could ever ask for—anything but the sweet affection of the one woman capable of making him crumble.

It isn’t until Quinn runs into the arms of the devil that she realizes she was fleeing from her angel. It isn’t until she comes back broken that Ziven realizes he never should have let her go. The consequences of their actions unravel a web of lies, secrets, and connections, the likes of which could mean war. But one thing is certain—Ziven was destined to protect his Quinn, and he will stop at nothing to do so.


✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶Review by Ashley C.✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶✶💕✶

I was excited to find a new series about the Bravata, let me preface by saying this was my first book that I have read in this series, in my opinion it can be read as a standalone, there  was a little confusion, but overall did not take away from the read for me. Let me tell you, the other books in this series have already been added to my kindle. From what I learned from reading this Quinn was not too well liked, but me, I actually liked her and felt horrible with everything she went through.

I loved Quinn and Ziven as a couple. I loved how he was the strong Alpha who when was left by Quinn, took her back after the horrors she faced. Quinn was certainly put through the ringer in this book.  It started off with a bang and did not disappoint. This book was filled with emotional scenes that make you heart for Quinn as well as some very steamy naughty scenes that made you get a glass of water.

I applaud the author on how she handled some very difficult subject matter and how she showed that love will persevere as long as you let it. This book was a 5 star read and certainly look forward to more to come from this author and series!



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