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Women are a lot of trouble, especially one in particular.

Tobias knows that, yet the knowledge that she’s a pain in the ass doesn’t stop him from doing the one thing he knows that he shouldn’t do. And that’s falling in love with a woman that he’s warned away from. Repeatedly.

All he was supposed to do was retrieve a friend’s sister from a fate that will surely mean her death.

Yet when he arrives, he can’t help but fall for the defiance that Audrey exudes off of every single word that leaves her mouth.


Audrey is tired of being scared. It’s been six years since her assault, and it feels like it just happened yesterday.

She tries to be normal. She tries to have a life. She tries and tries and tries, but she always seems to fail, and she’s ready to take that first step that’ll help her heal. Not hide her head in the sand like she was used to doing.

With Tobias’ help, she slowly comes back to herself. She gets a job, one that she adores. She finds a place in this world, and she finds herself falling further and further in love with a man that sends butterflies coursing through her belly every time she looks at him.

The only problem is that somebody is out to ruin him. Someone is trying to take away her happy, and she’s not willing to stand by and watch it happen like she once was.

It’s time for her to show everyone that she’s not some freak show any longer. She’s a warm-blooded woman that’ll do anything for her man, even face death itself to save him.


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