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After spending six months caring for her terminally ill mother, Kori is shocked when she learns the true identity of her father. Armed with the name of a man she’s never met, Kori sets off across the country to meet the person responsible for half of her DNA. There’s only one problem: he’s the President of the No Prisoners Las Vegas chapter.

Raised as the step-daughter of an MC member, Kori has one rule when it comes to dating: no bikers. Following that rule becomes a challenge, however, when she meets Lucky, a member of her father’s club.

Lucky has his own perspective on the dating world: don’t do it. He’s a tried and true bachelor with a revolving door to his bedroom and no interest in a relationship. But what starts as some harmless flirting quickly escalates until he can’t get Kori out of his mind.

For a time, the relationship seems perfect, but Lucky is struggling with a secret. He discovered that the president and VP are breaking club bylaws in a way that might undermine the entire chapter. He was preparing to take action when Kori arrived in town. Now he has to make a decision: will he move against the club leadership knowing that Kori will be caught in the crossfire? And what will happen if he holds onto the secret for too long?


❤~🌟~❤❤~🌟~❤Review by Ashley C.❤~🌟~❤❤~🌟~❤

Welcome back to the No Prisoners MC Series. This is the 4th book in the series and can be read as a standalone, but in my opinion always better when you have read the rest of the series. If you have read the other books in the series you have met Lucky before… but now its his time to shine.
Lucky is your love them and leave them type of guy until Kori walks into his life, and let me say the circumstances of her coming into his life are none too good. Kori, who grew up not knowing her father, learns after her mother’s passing that he is the President of the No Prisioners Las Vegas Chapter.
I enjoyed this book because it was filled with all the goodies of an MC Novel. Angst, Suspense, Hot Bikers, Sexy sex scenes and for me I also got to see what past characters were up to. This was a 4 star read for me and i cannot wait to see what happens next for these No Prisioners.


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