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Life has been lonely for Kennedy James. A product of foster care, she’s never had a family, she’s never known love, she’s never been wanted. So, as she gets older and her looks get her the attention she’s always craved, she takes it. 
No matter the consequences.
After another failed attempt at finding what she’s always longed for–to be loved–she leaves the only town she’s ever known and swears off men so she can find herself. 
But what happens when a rough and crass tattoo artist is exactly what she needs? 
A past riddled with loss and neglect haunts Rhett Shaw, his younger sister his only remaining family. Because of his past he only allows meaningless one night stands to warm his bed, never forming a connection, barely learning their names. He prefers it that way so he doesn’t open himself up to more hurt. 
Something he’s felt enough in his lifetime. 
He’s content in his life. He has his sister, his tattoo shop, and enough women to keep him satisfied. 
But what happens when an angel on earth is delivered to heal his inked soul?

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💚💖💚💖 Review By Tasha M 💚💖💚💖

This was my second book by Lucia Grace and I’m hooked. This woman can give you soul crushing, capturing love stories like a damn Fairy Godmother waving her magical wand. I can’t wait to say I have read every word written by her.

Inked Souls had me literally by the balls. It was Breathtaking and So so beautiful. It crushed me so many times.
Lucia from the Prologue had me swollowing a  lump in my throat.
Kennedy is this lost, wondering soul, looking to be found by love and belong to someone. It’s something she never felt and went about looking for it in the wrong way.

Something I know so well about. Have never made it a secret but every once in awhile you read a story that’s part of who you are and you know the feelings and experiences are So true. So you have to let it be  a known you lived through it and came winning on the other side just like our Main Characters in Inked Souls.. I  know all to well the feeling of being thrown away by the woman that gives you life. Even though all my life I have only known Unconditional Love from my adoptive Parents. I don’t think anyone could love and cherish me the way they have but that Poisonous Snake Rattling in the back of your mind, there because of what someone selfish did to you, that snake tries to poison everything good in your life.
There’s something about that woman not loving you makes you always wonder if you enough and if she never accepted you how  can you be enough for anyone else. You have it poisoning so much of you life you don’t even realize you doing it.

That’s until you meet the man that gives you something that Completes you. A man that’s willing to fight for you, to see past your  I walls, to put up with all the shit you put him through. And he does it because he knows you have monsters he has to slay. He does it cos he knows you  the other half of him… you let him because you know deep down he is your  missing link in you, the part that Completes you. That is what Rhett Shaw is to Kennedy.
I know this because this is my truth as well. I will never forget the moment my world changed and how similar our Feelings were to this couple.
The second I saw my hubby 16 years ago I asked him “Do I know you from somewhere” something in me was like you know him from somewhere not knowing the he was going to change everything, open my eyes, my world and my heart to a love you never knew possible. Just like Kennedy was Rhett’s from that second on, I was his as well. 

The love Rhett and Kennedy share is something that can’t be explained, I know this cos I live it everyday of my life.
No one would understand that kind of connection. It sounds so make believe, so cliché but it exists. In books as Beautiful as Inked Souls or My  life.
My Real Life Fairytale.

So so much about this book was like reading about hubby and I. This book touched my soul. It had me sobbing, tearing up constantly. Both happy tears and heartbroken tears.

But in the end Kennedy and I, we are Girls that got our Alpha, Hot, Tattooed Guys. We got our HEA …. We got love that you know he would set the world on fire to protect, the kind of love were you know he  would move heaven and earth for you. 

This book holds a special place in my heart and when you read this book know that these are not always Fictional stories even Fairytales Come True. True love outways and Destroys all the hate and neglect.

P.S. The infinity symbol means so much to hubby and I. We have it Tattooed with our names incorporated and we renewed our vows last year, he bought me a Diamond Infinity Ring. 

So see this book was some how Written for me by the Universe or in this Case by The Astounding Lucia Grace.

Enjoy ladies. Hope you get what I did and what Kennedy gets….
Happy Reading ❤


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