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Securing the Odds (Special Forces: Operation Alpha): A Gamblers Crossover Novella

Tammy Reed thought she was through with her a**hole ex. But when he brings trouble knocking at her door, she doesn’t call her brother, mega movie star Nathan Reed. She calls his friend Jake Carter, the sexy PI who’d fixed her troubles once before.
Only things are a bit different this time.
And in between a bar brawl, surveillance snacks, and a little drive-thru flirting, Jake has no trouble showing Tammy exactly how different they are.
As a former navy SEAL, Jake specializes in securing the odds, and the stakes for him have never been higher. He’s done waiting for Tammy. It’s time for him to lay claim to what’s his.
And failure is not an option.

This novella is part of the Gamblers series but can be read as a standalone.
Due to sex and language, it is recommended for persons over 18.


Review by Natasha M

Sarah Curtis did wonders in this quick fluffy read. Insta love at it best with all the good stuff we love about alpha men ans their amazing Heroines.

Jake and Tammy know each other already, though meet after two years. They already have crazy attraction for each other. Jake isn’t about to wait anymore. Watching these two who have electrifying Chemistry was awesome.

Loved every thing about this book. Grab it now


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