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Title: CRAZY
Author: Adriana Locke
Series: Gibson Boys (Book 5)
Release Date: September 9, 2019

There’s nothing sweeter, or crazier, than small-town love.
A new friends-to-lovers romance from Adriana Locke.
💙 https://amzn.to/2kFM8PJ

Love is crazy.
Peck Ward, the sweet, small-town mechanic, isn’t sure it’s for everyone. Least of all him. His life is chaotic enough without adding the pressure of a relationship. Besides, unrequited love is a real thing and he’s kind of over it.
This works out perfectly until a certain someone throws a wrench—pun intended—into his plans. As they go from adversaries to friends to possibly something more, things get complicated. After all, they know how this story ends. It’s not with them together.
His easy grin is enough to win her over. Her unabashed personality does him in. But are they ready to accept the fact that sometimes you don’t find love where you’re looking for it? Sometimes you find it in the most unexpected, craziest places.

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💙💙💙Review By Tasha M 💙💙💙

I feel like I waited a life time for this book. Holy Fuckity did Adriana Locke make my wait so sweet and perfect. I loved this book so much I read it in one sitting. This book will not disappoint anyone that has waited for Pecks book.

Peck Ward is the boy I fell inlove with from the first book in this series..

This is small town, friends to lovers book that is fucking Hot and Swoony.

It’s damn hard writing this review because i wanna scream from Roof Tops about how awesome this story is.

Peck is Life.

Peck is Perfect.

Peck is Funny and Sexy.

Peck for me stole this book. All i wanted was him.

Peck has always been after Molly and I couldn’t understand that.

Pecks love interest isn’t someone i liked at first. But once we get to know the real her boy did we thank God it was her…

Together their banter is witty and titillating. These two are perfect for each other. They can be themselves, they let down their wall amd what you find is utterly beautiful.

Grab this book ladies. It will give you all the feels..


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