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Securing the Odds (Special Forces: Operation Alpha): A Gamblers Crossover Novella

Tammy Reed thought she was through with her a**hole ex. But when he brings trouble knocking at her door, she doesn’t call her brother, mega movie star Nathan Reed. She calls his friend Jake Carter, the sexy PI who’d fixed her troubles once before.
Only things are a bit different this time.
And in between a bar brawl, surveillance snacks, and a little drive-thru flirting, Jake has no trouble showing Tammy exactly how different they are.
As a former navy SEAL, Jake specializes in securing the odds, and the stakes for him have never been higher. He’s done waiting for Tammy. It’s time for him to lay claim to what’s his.
And failure is not an option.

This novella is part of the Gamblers series but can be read as a standalone.
Due to sex and language, it is recommended for persons over 18.


Review by Natasha M

Sarah Curtis did wonders in this quick fluffy read. Insta love at it best with all the good stuff we love about alpha men ans their amazing Heroines.

Jake and Tammy know each other already, though meet after two years. They already have crazy attraction for each other. Jake isn’t about to wait anymore. Watching these two who have electrifying Chemistry was awesome.

Loved every thing about this book. Grab it now


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Amazon Link hyperurl.co/lh29ai
Goodreads Link https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/45299316-fire
BookBub Link https://www.bookbub.com/books/fire-by-sarah-curtis

One shared look across a crowded club, and their worlds collided.

Their attraction had been instantaneous and hotter than the fire burning in his soul.
But Blake Stone didn’t do relationships. Relationships meant emotions, and he didn’t have the kind a woman would want.

Or need.
Anger, greed, lust, bitterness, hatred—he had in spades.
But a woman like Gwen, she would want more. And if he wanted to keep her, he’d need to reveal his secrets.
Secrets that could send her running.

Because she’s playing with fire, and he knew damn well how badly it burned.
Cover and a few teasers attached. If you need anything else, please just let me know.

🔥🔥🔥🔥Review by TashaM 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Holy smokes…. this book gave me all the feels. I read it in one sitting and that is sating something.

Sarah Curtis you lady know how grip a readers attention and then have them glued. Obsessed and enthralled.

This book is not your average love story. Its nail biting, deals with real issuses which ignites such emotion from us.

Blake and Gwen are Phenomenally well written charaters. Their story is hard at times and times when you wanna slap Blake. Their chemistry is instant and on FIRE. They were so meant for each other. Gwen fought hard to bring down Blake’s walls and I’m so glad she managed it. I aslo didn’t blame hin once we got his full story. My heart broke for him so much. When Gwen healed and took care of his pain it made my soul sigh.

This book was beautiful beyond words.

I hope you all grab it now….

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This Thing of Ours by Sarah Curtis
Amazon link: hyperurl.co/wi717f
“I want you for who you are, not in spite of it.” – Gabriella Conti

For ten years, Gabby had wanted only one person—Marco Bianchi. But he was off-limits. Right-hand man to her brother, Nico, she knew he would never think of her as more than his boss’s little sister.
But when tragedy strikes, things change.
Leaving Gabby to wonder if maybe her feelings weren’t as one-sided as she’d thought.

“I threaten, torture, maim, and kill. My honor is the only good piece of me I have left.” – Marco Bianchi
Growing up with nothing, honor and loyalty meant everything to Marco. Which was why Gabriella Conti was off-limits, even if she was his obsession. Because, as badly as he wanted Gabriella, he knew her brother would never approve.
And he owed Nico everything.
But with the Russians in town, things were about to change.
Marco needed to protect his girl.

🔥🖤🔥🖤Review By TashaM 🔥🖤🔥🖤

Sarah Curtis has given me the Hottest Mafia Series ever. I can’t fucking choose who is hotter Nico or now Marco. This woman knows definitely how to keep us engrossed. Sarah Well done lady…. I read this in one sitting….

This book is about Marco. He is Nico’s right hand and best Friend. Marco falls for the best Friend’s sister Gabrielle. She, I adored already. I’m so glad we got her book.

Watching a girl who fell in love when was a teenager get the guy eventually is always such a delight for me.
Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of action and suspence… enough to keep sitting on the edge of your seat.
Their love story is beautiful. Their chemistry is Sizzling and the Sex is Frakking Hottttt.

I adored their banter and Dialogues. Really everything about this book keeps you captured.

PS I Freaken adored the Poem…

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Pinterest (My books, sexy men, hot couples, funny memes, pretty things…)
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🖤💘🖤💘 BLURB🖤💘🖤💘

Full house: a pair plus a three of a kind.
Having grown up surrounded by celebrities, Victoria Lee wasn’t one to have her head turned by a famous movie star. That changed when she landed her first big break starring alongside Hollywood’s most sought-after leading man, Nathan Reed.

With his sexy good looks, take-charge personality, and hidden charm, Victoria hadn’t stood a chance. And all too soon, their on-screen romance turned into a real-life love story—juicy enough to have social media exploding and land Victoria and Nate on the covers of tabloid magazines.
But the media outlets weren’t the only ones paying attention.
And not everyone was happy for them.

🔥🔥🔥 Review By TashaM 🔥🔥🔥

Sarah Curtis, you woman are one of the best story tellers of today. You bring something new and different with every book you give us.

Full House was a beautiful story about two adults working in an industry that usually doesn’t boad well for long term relationships.
Nate and Victoria one being in the industry from when she was born in a way and Nate working for many years.
Tori who is a new comer and working with Nate was so darn nervous, and who wouldn’t be when You are Working with the Hottest Man Alive…
She absolutely no need to worry cos the main Mr Reed saw Her all bets was off.

She was a breath of fresh air. She was someone that was down to earth and not starry eyed. She definitely was not after him to boost her career or his money.
She wanted to do what she loved and get there on her hard word and determination…

Their chemistry was palpable and once they became friends, they knew this thing between then was the forever kind of love.

Yeah there was humps and bumps. Some good and not good surprises but these two were so amazing. I loved how they handled it all like adults and no bullshitting.

Sarah Curtis knows how to bring the heat, and passion but it’s never over done it really does add just enough of sizzle to the story.

Beautifully written that you be glued from the Prologue.

Enjoy Ladies 😘


This is a full-length, steamy, contemporary romance novel without a cliffhanger. It is part of a series, but each book is a stand-alone centering on new main characters. Due to sex, language, and violence it is recommended for persons over 18.*** HEA ***

This is a full-length, steamy, contemporary romance novel without a cliffhanger. It is part of a series, but each book is a stand-alone centering on new main characters. Due to sex, language, and violence it is recommended for persons over 18.*** HEA ***

Author info:

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💋💋💋💋 BLURB 💋💋💋💋


“Everyone’s heard of the seven-year itch. The dreaded stage in a relationship where couples can grow antsy and lose interest.”

One stupid magazine article, luring her in with its catchy title was all it had taken to turn Alison Evan’s life upside down.

At the time, she’d only rolled her eyes and laughed at the list of red-flag signs it offered readers, warning of a cheating lover. After seven years and two kids, her own marriage to Garrett was rock solid.

Or was it?

Because lately, that list didn’t seem so ridiculous. In fact, that list was mirroring her life.

Which was why, by employing some creative investigative skills and dragging her best friend along for the ride, Ali decided to find out once and for all…

Was the seven-year itch about to scratch out another relationship?


 Book link Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076JNXL8K

Book link GRs: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36313900-seven-year-itch

👠👠👠 Review by TashaM 👠👠👠

 Seven Year Itch is by Sarah Curtis. Another Amazing read in the Fiona Davenport Passion, Vows and Babies series.

This one being abit different yet it was outstanding. It was beautifully written. It captured so many truths we are all known to take for granted in our marriages.
Even with a heavy topic and really you will be guessing and cursing in this book but there are many hilarious scenes. Never forget the Hot Sexy times Sara always gives us ,thats always the cherry on the cake.

Grab this book it Beautiful Quicky book that will have you feeling all the feels….


 Sarah Curtis author’s links

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/sarahcurtisauthor

Website: http://sarahcurtisauthor.wixsite.com/sarahcurtisauthor

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Sarah-Curtis/e/B00RY2O1LQ/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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Bad Beat:  A hand in which a player with strong cards is unexpectedly beaten by a lucky draw.

Nico Conti has never regretted joining the family business. Through hard work, loyalty, ruthlessness, and dedication, he earned his rank as Capo and his army of soldiers.  

With the life he leads, a good woman is not in the cards—until one comes along and turns his world upside down.

Olivia Miller’s childhood was anything but conventional.  Raised in a brothel, her mother protected Olivia from that life until she became sick.  Now Olivia must be the protector.

Taken as collateral by Nico Conti in a business dispute between families, Olivia is desperate to get home—until Nico makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Or can she?

Because to save the one she loves most, Olivia will need to ignore the sacrifices made for her and barter herself to the man who holds her future in his hands.

Author’s note: 
This is a full-length, steamy, contemporary romance novel without a cliffhanger. It is part of a series, but each book is a stand-alone centering on new main characters. Due to sex, language, and violence it is recommended for persons over 18.*** HEA ***

❤❤❤ Review By Tasha M ❤❤❤

I love Sarah Curtis books. She has a way of giving us Fairytales but in such a unique way. You know you going on a beautiful journey each time you read her book.

Bad Beat was no different this time. Bad Beat captured my attention from the Prologue. Nico caught my attention and really I can’t tell you why but he did and boy was I so Damn thrilled he did.

This book gave me so many feels. At times it felt Beauty and the Beast and then Cinderella. It really was my kinda book just told in my kinda Naughty, Dirty and mysterious way.

Nico is definitely hard headed badass but boy does he fall hard. Before he even knows it Olivia is all he can see. From the moment they met even under such circumstances she was His.
I loved watching Olivia tame a Dragon.
I adored watching her being cherished and loved and spoiled and protected by who everyone thought was The Big Bad Wolf.

Nico would move  through Heaven and Hell for Olivia in a blink of an eye. Man or Woman he would Stamp on you if you came after her. His Love for he was Awe inspiring.

I loved how he took care of her and her mom, never once treating her badly. He never hid behind hate or nasty words when he didn’t understand what he was feeling for and that for me Was Hot, well also their sexy time would set you ablaze but this man’s maturity and the way he dropped all walls for Olivia was So Beautiful to watch.

Grab this book babes. Because amongst the Badass and his battles with ppl trying to hurt what’s his, you get an Astounding Love Story.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did….

Buy Links: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074NX4W2P

Goodreads book link (Bad beat will be releasing August 11th.  Sorry but I don’t have an Amazon link at this time):
Author links:
Website: http://sarahcurtisauthor.wixsite.com/sarahcurtisauthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarahcurtisauthor
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/12823436.Sarah_Curtis
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Sarah-Curtis/e/B00RY2O1LQ/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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♠♥♦♣ All-In♠♥♦♣

River Kingston has a problem, and his name is Royal. Her brother owes one-hundred grand to the mob, and River feels it’s her responsibility to help him.

The daughter of a renowned poker player, River does the only thing she knows how to do to win that much money…
She hits the tables.

Headed to Eden Island, home of the most elite poker tournament, The Omega One, River runs into–literally–the man from her teenage fantasies.

Now she has another problem, and his name is Alec Throne. Because after the famous poker star catches her from falling, he decides he’s never letting her go.

And, as River soon discovers, when Alec Throne sets his mind to something…
He’s all-in.

***This is a full-length novel with no cliffhanger. It is part of a series, but each book is a stand-alone centering on new main characters. This is a steamy contemporary romance. Due to sex and language, it is recommended for persons over 18.*** HEA ***

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Review By TashaM 🔥🔥🔥🔥
All In

So obviously I’m sometimes stuck in my own world and miss things, Good things like this Author. Well I’m just over Joyed that I came across this amazing Snippet somewhere, somehow. This little teaser had me hook, line and sinker. Once I contacted Sarah she hooked me up and the rest is history.

All -In was new for me on so many different levels. I loved reading about poker and learning​ so much…. This book from the start grabs you.

Alec and River’s story is unique, their beginning is quirky you can’t help but wanna see how these two get on with things. Their relationship is already winning cos their Chemistry is off the charts. Alec Possessive and Alpha knows he wants this woman so he sets about gets what he wants. Yeah River puts up a good fight but her walls are nothing for a man like Alec.

He is Rich and Handsome, Dirty and Hot, what a lethal combination. Few pages in, you see how amazing and warm their personalities are and you know this is why they are perfect for each other​. They are really an amazing couple.

River is on a mission to help her brother who really is a Shitarse that i seriously want to punch. But that’s how awesome she is. Stands by family and that is another thing Alec loves about her. It’s not hard to see why he falls so hard for her so fast.

Watching him Wooo her then become something more and him wanting only the best for, was so fabulous watching because she needed that. He also protected her and put her first. This man and his time and care was so beautiful to watch.

I really hope you all give this book a chance. Low angst, Hot Hot sex and Amazing Story what more could we ask for….

Enjoy Ladies!!!!!

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Abby’s Angels by Sarah O’Rourke

These two ladies know how to Wow us. They give us little bit of everything here in this short Story. Although I must say that it never feels rushed or not explained properly.

This book is about Abby and Whitlock, these two have been married for 11 years and we watch them as they sort out through rough patches and how like two adults that love each other they fix things.

This book will touch many ppl ESP married women. But I felt like the hot steamy scenes really balanced out their story.

Oh and I have to say that I Floved Lucy who is Abby’s sister. She totally rocks.

Enjoy Ladies!!!!

Lucy’s a Dreamer by Brynne Asher.

Brynne Asher is Amazaballs she gave me Amazing Hot A little Forbidden love story that just proves dreams Come True….

This book is about Lucy who we met in the previous book and I already just adored. She is Fabulous and Everything I wanna be. Obviously she gets an ever Hotter Guy that is Alpha and Sexy as hell… That cares about her and wants to build a future with her.

Love this book I wish we could have more😍😍😍
Enjoy ladies!!!!

Kiss me, Katie by Sarah Curtis

First book by Sarah Curtis and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every single story so unique, Sexy and Hot. Each little story so wonderfully told.

You love Katie and Ethan and their experience with the LBD.

Winnie Mae by Layla Frost

Also my First time reading by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As ladies we are all going to love this Anthology.